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Keter Storage Box


Need storage in your outside space for your toys, cushions, pool equipment, BBQ utensils or garden tools, this Keter resin storage box will fit.  With 120 gallon capacity it will hold a lot of your stuff and provide extra seating.  If you have to move your deck box, it has handles on each end for easy lifting.

When looking at Keter storage boxes, I will give you the details on this model here.  Now join me in looking at some of those details of this item.


Keter 120 gallon resin storage boxProduct: Keter Brighten Storage Box

Price when article was written: $96

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What you get in the box


You will get a 120 gallon resin storage box with a brown wood-paneled look.  The lid will lock and has a gas piston supported lid.  The lid will support up to three adults (600 pounds) for sitting.  It will come with metal parts to lock securing your stuff.  Easy assembly will have you storing your stuff in less than an hour, depending on your abilities.

The box will be 57 inches wide, 27.5 inches deep and 23.7 inches tall.  Internal storage dimensions is 54.5 inches wide, 23.5 inches deep and 21.7 inches tall.  It will weigh about 38 pounds empty.

The pistons on the lid will help open and keep the lid open for removing and storing your goods.  This box is weather resistant, not waterproof.


Sitting on Keter resin storage boxAssembly and use


Easy assembly as the big parts just snap together.  There are 14 phillips screws that will require a screwdriver (not included) to secure, just do not over tighten as this unit is almost all plastic.

The bottom will come in two sections, snap together and secure with two screws (these screws will face down when finished building box).  Snap front and back to a side.  Slip bottom (one side is marked outside) into the side that has been attached, snap into side, then push the front and back into the bottom.  Snap other side onto the assembly.

Secure gas piston powered hinges to lid with two screws each.  Click the middle hinge onto the back of the lid and front lock part with a screw.  Ask your partner to hold the lid while it is attached with two screws on each side. Attach middle hinge to box with two screws.  Add the lock part on the front top of the box with the last of the screws, Make sure that it is in the right side on the indent to lock properly.  You are ready to use your storage box.

Care of this unit will be an occasional rinse off with water.  You must be careful when doing this as it is not waterproof.  Parts are available from Keter customer service if you experience some defects.


Locked Keter storage boxMy take on this product


This product is great for deck or pool side storage.  It can keep quite a few items out of the weather.  The biggest drawback of this items is that it is not waterproof and that the lid does warp when in the hot sun.  Some customer complained that they were getting some visitors to the inside of their box, this is a common problem with resin storage boxes.

This storage box would work well next to your grill, you can keep all of your tools and have a seating place while cooking.

I would recommend sealing the gaps with a weatherproof caulk if you wanted more water proofing of this unit.

Open Keter storage boxPros


Easy assembly

Handles make it easy to move when needed

Locks for extra security of your goods

Easy opening with gas piston assist, they will also keep lid open



If it sits in the sun the lid can warp, after the sun goes down the lid will return to its original shape

Not water tight or does not keep out pest

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Conclusion and other options


When looking for storage solutions for your outside space this Keter resin storage box will make a great choice. If you want to look at other storage solutions in this size look here.   If you need smaller storage, look at some of my examples here.  If you need larger storage, look at my examples here.

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