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Half Outdoor Umbrellas for Balconies or small Decks


What happens when go outside on your balcony and your bistro set is in the sun when you want to use it, you will need look at the Half Outdoor Umbrellas for Balconies or Small Deck for some shade solutions. If you do not have the ability to install an awning, you may want to look into a half umbrella for a solution. They will not need a table for support and if you are in an apartment, your landlord will not object to something that does not require a building permit to install.

In this post we will look at why you need one, what types there are and what you will need to make your experience with your half umbrella a pleasure. Most umbrellas of this type will only retract, they will not tilt. They will need support other than a half umbrella stand to withstand any winds.


To look at examples of half umbrellas to purchase, click on the following link

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Now lets look at my information and see if you need one for your small outdoor space.


9 foot half outdoor umbrellasWho needs a half umbrella


If you have a small patio or balcony with a bistro set or chat set, you may need something to give you some shade. Since bistro tables do not have a provision for an umbrella, you will need to have a remotely supported umbrella. An offset umbrella could work, it is made for much larger areas. See some Offset umbrellas in my post with this link.

Anyone living in an apartment or condo with a small patio or balcony are going to need shade if their outside area gets sun when they use it. If you are one of those people, you will need to look for a solution.

Several solutions are available. Some will have high cost and installation cost. A pergola, awning or retractable sun shade are some examples. I live on a light budget, the half umbrella is a great solution at a lower cost.


Deck bracket for umbrellaHow to support your umbrella


Since this type of umbrella does not have a table to help support it, the half umbrella stand and other support methods are needed. A solid half umbrella stand will be very important. They are made to sit against the wall, made of steel or plastic. I prefer the steel ones as they do not have to be filled with some kind of media.

Most steel stands will weigh about 20 pounds or more. This creates a solid base for your umbrella.

Some kind of pole support will be needed in most cases. I prefer to use a support for an electric pole or antenna. These mount to the side of the structure and the umbrella pole will have a round support clamp that will not damage your pole. If you use two of these, one in the middle and one on the bottom, you will not need a base for your umbrella.

There is an umbrella support built for umbrellas to be attached to deck railing. This bracket has two attachment points about 12 inches apart. If you use one of these brackets you will not need to include a half umbrella stand in your installation. You just directly mount to the wall or to a rib in your deck railing.


Half umbrella standAccessories – lighting – stands


Lighting for half umbrellas can be installed by the factory or added on later. Having extra lighting for your balcony or patio is always a good idea.

I like the use of the solar powered lights that are installed from the factory. The solar panel is in the top of the umbrella with the rechargeable batteries and switch. Nothing is needed and the lights come on when the sun goes down. Most will give about 9-12 hours of light after sunset with proper sun during the day.

Half stands come in many styles and colors to match your decor. I like the steel stamped ones that have a design that has flowers in it. It gives some details to your space with the ability to hold your umbrella in place.


Mainstays Forest Hills 8 foot patio umbrella tanOther options for shade


I have written about several types of shade for outdoor spaces on this site. A pergola will give a little shade from the sun, for my information on a pergola, follow this link.

Market umbrellas and offset umbrellas are a very popular type of shade option. I have post on both on this site, follow this link for market umbrellas or follow this link for offset umbrellas.

Retractable shades or awnings are a good option if you have the money for one. They are a little out of my budget so I do not have any information on these at this time.


Half umbrella with solar lightsPros


Great for small spaces

Does not need table for support

If you add lights, your half umbrella will work after dark




Not a half umbrella standalone in high winds-need wall support

Some landlords will not let you install on wall

Must have a good half umbrella stand


To look at examples of half umbrellas to purchase, click on the following link

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If you are need of shade and don’t want to shell out a lot of money, for under $75 you can have a half outdoor umbrella, half umbrella stand or bracket to give your small area shade. Add one with solar lights and you can use night or day. I like the idea for small patios or balconies.

The examples in this article will give you a great place to start giving your smaller outside space some comfort. Do you have experience with one of these half umbrellas, give me your comments below. For other solutions for Half outdoor Umbrellas, see my other post here.

Any questions, please send me a message and I will get back to you.