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Solar Spot Lights For Outdoor Spaces


All solar spot lights for outdoor lighting do not look the same.  I will look at several styles of spot lights and give you some better information to help in you to make your decision on what will work for you.

Having a spot light to highlight that feature that you can only see during the day will make your outdoor space more appealing to you and your guest.  They can also give enough light to let you and your guest navigate to your front door without other lighting.

Now lets look at my list.

Adjustable light and solar panel on a stake


This type of spot light will have a stake to push in the ground, an adjustable light to be able to point your light towards your item to highlight and a solar panel that can be adjusted to get the most sunlight during the day.  These type are very effective, just not very appealing to the eye.

Lets look at several examples.

Pure Garden Solar Spot LightPure Garden Solar Spot Lights set of 4


At about $5 for each light, you will get a spot light that will give out a limited amount of light.  The all black plypropylene (plastic) construction will give you a weather proof light, just do not drown with a sprinkler as they will not last very long.  Most customers complained that the light was not very bright or could not light an item at any distance.

The total height of this fixture is 10 inches, with a 3.75 inch stake for securing in the ground.  The 600 mAh rechargeable battery will give you about 6 hours of light after a full charge.  Solar panel has a dusk to dawn sensor for the light to turn on at dark.  An off/on switch on the solar panel will allow you to turn your fixture off when not needed.

My opinion on this set is that it will work better for lighting a walkway than highlighting an item in your outdoor space.


Better Homes and Garden Solar Spot LightBetter Homes and Garden Solar Spot Lights set of 6


At about $6.50 each these spot ligths will cost a little more. Most customers stated that the light was very bright and can be used to light a flag on a flag pole, did not state how tall the flag pole was.  The custruction is a brown plastic material.

The LED light bulb has an auto dimmed light output, when the 500 mAh rechargeable battery runs down the light will dim until it goes out.  It will start out at a bright 20 lumens of light and go out when it gets down to 5 lumens.

The fixture is almost 17 inches in total heigth, including ground stake.  Push button switch under the solar panel will turn on the fixture, some customers had trouble making this switch work.

This is a better fixture for highlighting your features in your outdoor space.


Simulated Rock Solar Spot Lights


If you want a solar spot light that can be less of an eye sore during the day when it is not needed, one of these spot lights that resembles a rock will work in your outdoor space.  Not as adjustable for sunlight or spot lighting, they will be more appealing to the eye.  One advantage of a rock type light is that you can use on a solid surface like cement or pavers.

Now lets look at a couple of examples.


Pure Garden Rock Solar Spot LightPure Garden LED Solar Rock Spotlight set of 4


At less than $4 for each fixture this will be a cheap lighting option for your outdoor space.  With the black rock looking plastic finish, they will be very durable outside.  With two 600 mAh rechargeable batteries, they do put out a very soft glow of light, not the spot light type. These will be good for highlighting a walkway or a plant bed in your outdoor space.

At 4 inches tall and 4.5 inches accross they will be very easy to blend in with your outdoor environment.  Off/on switch on bottom will allow you to turn off when not needed.  Sensor on solar panel will automatically turn on your fixture at dusk.


Deck Impressions Solar rock spot lightDeck Impressions Solar Rock Spot Light


Priced from $12 to $27 for the two different sizes, each size will have the  same two LED bulbs that will give you 5 lumens of light.  The light can be adjusted a few degrees to let you sit the rock in the sun and still light up an object after dark,The more natural rock color will blend in with your outdoor decor, during the day it will look just like any other rock, at night it will give you about 8 to 10 hours of illumination on a full days charge.

The smaller one is 4.5 inches wide, 3.75 inches deep and 3.5 inches tall.  The larger one is 7.6 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep and 6.1 inches tall.  Each will be powered by one  rechargeable battery and has a sensor on the solar panel for dusk to dawn lighting.  Switch on bottom has an off, low and high setting.

If your light does not work or will not charge, check the battery for a pull tab, this keeps the battery from discharging during storage.

Stone Solar Spot LightStone Solar Light


At a little over $15 this fixture does not have any light directional adjustment, illumination will be pointed in an up direction.  You cannot use this fixture for lighting a walkway or driveway.  It is a very bright light with four LED bulbs in the head.  Fixture is made of a resin material and does have a stone type finish.

It will be 5.7 inches wide, 7 inches deep and 5 inches tall.  Has dusk to dawn sensor on the solar panel for night time illumination.



I have given you five different solutions for a solar spot light for your outdoor spaces.  Each will have it own qualities.  I have a post type in the backyard and it works well for highlighting my dogs gravestone.  These will not be as bright as a line(110 volt) or low voltage lighting system, but will be the best solution when a regular electrical power source is not available. These will work perfect in a garden or remote path in your outdoor area.

Thanks for reading my article, if you have any questions, comments or want to see more information on an item, use the forms below.

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