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Outside Water Fountains


Whether you are looking for a conversation piece, soothing sound or something to drown out an annoying noise in your outdoor space, an outside water fountain can be a great addition.  I will look at several options and where they can be used.  I will look at they are powered and how to take care of them.

Now lets look at some of the styles you have to choose from.


backyard water feature ideas

Solar Frog Fountain

Soothing Noise


If you are just looking for something for a little soothing noise, a table top or wall mount water fountain will work nicely. The table tops can be powered by solar or regular 110 volt plug.

The solar powered fountains will only work when the sun shines, most do not come with any batteries for them to run when dark.  Solar powered fountains work well in garden areas where you expect to have a lot of sunshine during the day.  Some solar panels have a long cord to mount remotely so that you can use a fountain in a darker area.  If you want a water feature for your nigh time parties, choose a regular powered fountain.

The 110 volt wall mount fountain will require only the upkeep of the quality of the water.once it is hooked up and mounted.  This type of fountain will work well on a deck, patio, balcony or area that has at least one wall.  Mounting one on an exterior wall of your home should not take a lot of work and could be removed if you move.  Hooking it up to a wall switch will allow you to run it only when needed.

Table top fountains are great for patio tables.  You can use them for center pieces and they are mostly smaller in size.  A lot of them use rocks or pebbles in the base, this will create extra noise when the water cascades off of the stones.  Most are small enough to be portable, you can use them inside or outside.

backyard water feature ideas

Pineapple Tiered Fountain

Center piece for a lounging area


Bigger fountains that are built in the ground are great for sitting around and have a great time with your guest.  You can use it like you would a fire pit in the fall, just cannot roast marshmallows.  The bigger fountains do require a little more care with water treatment for water clarity and bugs.

Larger fountains can be a great center piece for your outdoor space.  The larger fountain can be a stand alone unit that has several tiers or a water fall on a pond.  The larger water fountains will require a little more care because of the amount of water they hold.

Having a pond with a water feature is a big step in your outdoor space.  I had one when I lived in Florida, it took quite some time to set up a system so that the water would stay clear and I could have fish.  If you would like to know how I solved this problem send me an E-mail and I will give you a detailed outline.

Fish in outdoor pondTaking care of your water fountain


Because your water feature will not be a natural item to your ecosystem, you will have some items to maintain.  I will go over a few of the issues that I have had with the several water fountains that I have owned over the years.

The water level will be the first concern.  Without the proper water level, you could burn up your pump motor.  The pump motor will use the water to cool itself when running, also it will make a terrible noise when the water level is too low.  Having your fountain in the all day sun will cause the water level to drop faster.  Smaller fountains will require a more routine schedule for checking water.

Algae growth will be another concern.  Any time you have water in the outside it will be subject to algae growth.  Particles falling from the air, birds stopping by for a drink or not having any fish in the water will cause growth.  You can hold back the growth several ways.

If you have a table top or wall fountain, just add chemicals to the water that are safe for birds and animals.  Using the regular tap water will help some what as the chemicals in your drinking water will kill some of the growth, just think of what it does for your insides.

Larger fountains that have fish or plants can use light and media filters.  An ultraviolet light used in the water path will get rid of some of the algae.  Media filters are available at most places that sell the larger fountains and ponds.  They also can be found at your local pet store that sells fish.  Media filters will require some maintenance or they will clog and the water flow will be disrupted, this will also burn up your pump.



The sound of water running will let you meditate quietly

Can lead to a relaxing area in your outdoor space

Many styles to choose from



Have to deal with freezing water in the winter

May need to run a ground fault power supply

Does require water and algae maintenance



When looking for that one thing to add to your outdoor space that will give a zen feeling, look at outside water fountains as a answer.  I have had several in the past, none at the present house.  Keeping up with an outdoor fountain is not that hard, just keep the water level up and clean.  If you have trouble with keeping the water clean, try some of the Eco-friendly chemicals made for water features.

Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions, comments or need more information on this subject, please use the forms below. If you found this article helpful, please pass it on with you social networks to let others know about the value of a water fountain.