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White Vinyl Pergola Kit


White Vinyl Portland Pergola Kit with conversation setLooking for a solution for your Patio, Hot Tub or Outside Dining area that sits in the sun?  A White Vinyl Pergola Kit may be one solution to your problem. They offer partial shade for your sitting, dining, hot tub or walkway area.  They can be attached to a structure or stand alone.  They can be attached to any solid surface for support in windy locations.

What you get with a Vinyl Pergola Kit


You get all of the uprights, top beams, inner supports,curtains and stainless steel screws to hold it together.  Some add on’s are side curtains, extra slats for the top, bottom collars for uprights and top shade. These things will come in several box’s and you will have to inventory it to make sure all contents are there before assembly.

What you will need to finish the project


You will chose the hardware, not included in the kit, for your project depending on your surface that you will mount the pergola too.  Concrete will require some kind of anchor bolts, mounting plates and 4×4 inserts.  Dirt, sand or patio pavers will require the use of a 4×4 post securely set in concrete.  These post will have to be accurately set or your uprights will not align up for your top structure.

Some adjustments to the structure will be needed if your are mounting on the side of the house or other fixed structure.

Tools-ladder, hammer, level, drill, wrench/socket set,circular saw, post hole digger and string line will be on your lists of tools that will be needed to install properly.

Assembly of a Vinyl Pergola


Some prep work will have to be done before assembly can begin.  Post will have to be set in concrete or mounting brackets will have to be secured to a solid surface.  Post should be set before setting paver stones.

Assembly can take from 2 hours to a whole day for a two man crew, depending on experience in construction or the amount of prep work needed, this is after the mounting system is set up.  Pre-drilled holes make these pergolas easy to assemble.  Parts are easy to cut if you have to customize size for your location.

White Vinyl Venetian Pergola Kit with Hot TubPros for your Vinyl Pergola


Little maintenance once finished, just hose off with water

Weather and rot resistance

Adjustable shade, not all pergolas have adjustable shade

Cons for your Vinyl Pergola


Will take more than one person to install properly

Difficult to accurately mount on surface.

Sometimes not all parts arrive at one time



When looking at some shade from the sun a White Vinyl Pergola Kit may provide that for you with a lot of style.  Having a pergola over an area in your outdoor space will give you the perception of creating a room.  If you have an area that you want to separate from the rest of your outdoor space, this is one way to do it. To see more styles of a Pergola Kit look at my post here.

If you are looking for shade or just somewhere to put a chair or swing, you can consider an Arbor to use instead of a Pergola.

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