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 Faux Stone Gas Fire Pits for Outdoor

Many people will be looking for a fire pit this fall.  A Faux Stone Gas fire pit  for outdoor use is a good choice for people that have a wooden or composite deck or like the stone look without the trouble of building a fire pit that cannot be moved.

Having a gas fire pit will allow you to spend more time with your guest, no adding wood, no juggling the logs to keep the fire burning, no hauling fire wood from your wood pile to your burn area and no cleanup after a fire.

This gas stone fire pit can be moved easily, just add a 20 pound propane tank, follow the lighting instructions and enjoy.  The gas fire pits do not produce as much heat as a wood burner, if you need the heat and aroma of the wood, try one of these backyard solutions for your fire pit at my post here.

For those who this makes sense, keep reading for my information below.

uniflame-gas-faux-stone-fire-pitProduct: UniFlame Faux stone gas fire pit

Price when article was written: $438.38

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Description of this fire pit

This square fire pit with the stone look is portable and easy to use.  With a solid one piece top and removable side for access to the propane tank and flame controls.  Holes that can be used as handles on two sides make moving while not fire is not lit very easy.  At 106 pounds it will take two strong people to move with ease.

The sides are made from a cast material that will look like stacked stone when finished.  Corners look like a solid piece of slab stone.  Top is one piece with a stainless steel fire bowl in the middle filled with lava rocks.

Base is 31 inches wide, top is 36 inches wide and it will be 24.5 inches tall.  The square bowl is 16.5 inches wide and 1 inch deep.  You will be able to adjust for uneven floor with an adjustable foot on each corner.

This fire pit will give out about 30,000 BTU’s of heat on full setting.  The flames will last about 14 hours depending on how high you set the flame.  This will not be as much heat as a wood burner, it will keep you warm if you are close enough and it is not zero degrees outside.

niflame Faux stone gas fire pit doorAssembly, use and care

Very little assembly for this model add the adjustable feet, sit up and add fire bowl, 20 pound propane tank and fire it up.

This unit will have a thermo-couple for safety.  When starting the fire you may have to hold the start button for about 20 seconds until the thermo-couple heats up and allows the gas to flow.  Make sure the holes on the burner does not get clogged with dust from the lava rocks, this will hamper you ability to start your fire or have a complete ring of burn.

Some customers have sealed the stone surfaces with the appropriate water sealer.  Care will have to be taken here as some of the sealers will be flammable.

No cover is included for the burn area, a poly cover is included for the whole unit.  It must be cool before cover is installed.  I would store out of the weather when not in use, this will allow it to last for a long time.

You can replace the lava rocks with glass stones, or add artificial logs to make it look like wood fire.

Uniflame Faux stone fire pit burn bowlPros

  • Can be moved by two people
  • No cleanup after a burn
  • Has full poly cover when not in use


  • Burner can be hard to light
  • Some customers had surface peal on the top
  • No cover for burn area when not in use

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My final thoughts on this fire pit

The Uniflame stone gas fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor space.  It has the great look of a stone fire pit, is mobile, easy to clean up when fire is over and has a poly cover for when it is not in use.  I would recommend a Stone Gas fire pit  for outdoor use for any backyard space for cool weather entertainment.

Your thoughts and questions are always needed.  Please use the forms below to contact me and I will get back to you shortly.