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Wire Mesh Bird Feeder


I was not looking for a squirrel proof product when looking at this snowman wire mesh bird feeder.  It was after Thanksgiving and I was looking for a seasonal bird feeder.  The snowman looked great and looked easy to fill.

I replaced my house bird feeder that the squirrels had been raiding by climbing up a tree, crossing the roof of my three season room, jumping to the roof of the bay window and jumping down to the roof of the house bird feeder.  They learn very quickly how to find  and get to food resources.

Snowman bird feeder


After putting up the snowman bird feeder I herd the squirrel on the roof.  He peaked over the edge of the bay window roof and would not climb down the chain as there was no room for him on the snowman hat.

Not only is this a great looking winter bird feeder, it discourages the squirrels at my home.  Your results in the battle against squirrels may be different.

Filled snowman bird feederNow lets look at the details of this bird feeder.


PRODUCT NAME: Solar Snowman Bird Feeder
Overall Ranking: 9 of 10
Price: $29.95 at the time of this post


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Metal Snowman birdfeeder with sloar light

Solar light glowing at night in the hat of the snowman bird feeder

Introduction to this bird feeder


The product that I will review is a newer model of the one I have.  It includes a solar light in the hat, mine does not have this feature.

The feeder is made of a steel mesh material painted white, with three black buttons, black eyes, black chain for a mouth and a red nose. Holes between each layer lets the seed fall down as the lower layers empty.  Each layer is held in place with two screws, it can be disassembled if needed, I have never needed to take mine apart.

Hanging chain has a hook on top to attach to a support hook.  Two eyelets hold a bracket that is shaped to go over the hat to attach to the bottom of the chain.


Snowman bird feeder hatMy hat (I do not have the solar light in mine) is easy to take off to fill with seed.  The seed will flow down to the different levels as you fill. The hat is held in place with three spring clips (see picture).  You will have to fiddle with the hat to reinstall as the spring clips are sometimes very stubborn.

I do not have the solar light in mine, it does give off a soft glow after dark to highlight your feeder.  It does not produce enough light to illuminate any thing but the top of the seed and to highlight the snowman’s face.

I have  noticed that the Cardinals and other perching birds do not come to this feeder.  They will go to the ground below and eat the seeds that have fallen to the ground.


Bottom of metal snowman bird feederPROS


Squirrels have a hard time getting seed out of it, and have no place to hang or chew

Metal construction is very durable

Holes in bottom to let water drain and not to puddle in the seeds

Holds about a week of seed in my case



Hat is hard to install at times

Seasonal, would not look right in summer

Only clinging birds will eat out of it


Empty snowman bird feederWho needs this bird feeder


If you have a space that you hang a bird feeder in the holiday time, this feeder would be for you.  I leave my snowman stuff out until I put out Valentines day stuff, you can leave it out as long as you want.

If you have any trouble with squirrels getting into your feeder or chewing on the wood frame, this feeder may solve this problem.  I have had no problem with squirrels since I used this feeder, your results may vary.

I like that it holds about a weeks worth of seed for my birds.


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Looking down the middle of the snowman bird feederMy conclusion on this bird feeder


I use sunflower seeds in my snowman wire mesh bird feeder, the birds can get the seeds out without too much trouble.  I have not had to clean out the inside and it is easy to fill.  The cap can be a little hard sometimes to put back on.  The squirrels have never gotten off of the bay window roof to raid the seed, I like this part.

Go to to see current pricing and other bird feeder ideas.

If you are looking for a seasonal bird feeder I would recommend this for any area that you feeder hangs freely, if you have a pole nearby the squirrels are quite acrobatic and will find a way to get seed.

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Metal snowman bird feeder