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3 Piece Bistro Sets


Many smaller spaces in your outdoor space will lend themselves to 3 piece bistro sets. This is normally two chairs and a smaller top table. If you have a balcony or small builders deck this will be the right choice for you.

In this article we will look at the different styles that are available, from a simple retro style to the more stylish swivel chairs with thick cushions. One style will fit your outdoor lifestyle and decor.

If you have a bigger space, I have an article on table sets with four chairs here in this post.  Looking for a bar type of set for your outdoor space, I have some information here on bar sets.

Now lets look at these six styles and see what works best for your patio or balcony. You will notice that some styles will fit more than one category.


Azalea Ridge Brown resin wicker bistro setChairs with thick cushions


The Better Homes and Gardens Azelea Ridge bistro set is a great example of this style. It will sit lower than most sets. Having swivel chairs with thick cushions gives it a very comfortable sitting position. The rich resin sicker finish will be a great look for most outdoor decors.

This set will take up more floor space than most bistro sets. You will use this set information you have a bigger area. For more information on this style, see my post here.


  • Thick cushions for long term sitting
  • Swivel chairs for motion


  • Oversized chairs, will need more space
  • Smaller table than most sets
  • Have to store cushions when not in use


Mainstays Bristol Springs bistro setStraight legs with sling material


I personally like this style as I have two sets with this material that have been outside for over ten years and still the fabric looks like new. The straight leg models will not have any motion, they are very comfortable for long term sitting without cushions and will not need a storage solution when not in use.

The tables are bigger in this style. The sling material is a resin material that has a very small weave. Easy to clean with a rag and hose information birds discharge on the chairs.

Have more information on sling chair bistro sets in an article here.


  • Sling material is very comfortable without cushions
  • Many styles and sizes to choose from
  • Nothing to store when not in use


  • Sling material hard to replace information torn
  • Assembly hard information metal pieces bent in shipping


Mainstays retro metal patio bistro setRetro Style


The retro style is making a comeback. If you don’t want to look through flea markets or yard sales for a set to redo, new sets are available today. Simple design and back and forth movement in the chairs gives this design its flare. I have an article on Retro patio furniture here for you.

Retro Cast Iron Patio Bistro setsMany cast iron sets are available in older styles.  Some are also cast in aluminum for longer outdoor life.  If you like the ornate designs of these sets you can still purchase a new set.  See whats available in this style in my post here.

I am going to put the wrought iron sets in the retro style section. This is the black with mesh table-top and seating surfaces. Most will not have motion. Many types of patio furniture are available in this style, look for my information on wrought iron furniture here.

A simple shell design in the back of the chairs and solid construction will make this set last a long time. It will be out of style again before it wears out information you keep paint on it.


  • Simple design
  • Motion in the chairs in the steel style


  • Could use cushions for long term sitting
  • Paint could chip and start the set to rust


Mainstays Wesley Creek 3 Piece Bistro SetsChairs with motion


Swivel chairs will provide motion and extra comfort. Several styles of chairs are available in this style. You can choose from cushioned chairs to sling material.

Rocking motion in chairs comes in two fashions, using the legs as a spring and having a steel spring plate on the base of the chair seat. None are true rockers, just have the forward and back motion.

My preferred style is still the sling material, it does not require storage of cushions. I have two styles of motion in this type, spring legs and plate at the base of the chair seat.

Look at bistro sets here for more information on these styles.


  • Swivel chairs provide extra sitting comfort
  • Rocking motion will give more comfort when sitting for long periods


  • Harder to assemble
  • Some chairs rust faster in the swivel
  • Motion plate can break under weight stress

Mainstays Sand Dune tall bistro setBar height chairs and table


Like the bar height sets for your outdoor space, you can choose your style here. Most of the above styles are available in bar height.

The advantage to bar height is if you have a large railing that you cannot see over or you like this style. This style will lend itself to sitting with your favorite person with your favorite adult beverage.

I have written a post just on the bar height bistro sets, see my information here.


  • Extra height can let you see over some obstacle
  • Great look under a cover or by the pool


  • Some people will have trouble getting into chairs


Folding Red Metal Bistro setFolding sets for storage


Storage space a problem in your outdoor space, a folding bistro set will allow you to store in a small space when not in use. Sets are available that when folded, it will take up little space. These sets will be very stable when in use.

No assembly for this type of set, just unfold and use. Small cushions will help in seating comfort, this will require extra storage.


  • Easy to store
  • No assembly
  • Great for small spaces


  • Lighter weight capacity than other sets
  • Metal sets will start to rust in swivel points if left out in the weather


Bistro Table with Two Metal Arm ChairsMy favorite style of bistro sets in my outdoor space


I have both the motion set with sling fabric at my home and the wrought iron set on the deck at the lake. Both are very comfortable as I have some cushions for the set at the lake. Your choice of 3 piece bistro set for your outdoor space should be a little easier after reading this information. Use the navigation bar to see more of my information on bistro sets.

If you have a favorite style of bistro set or just a question, let me know with the links below. I will answer all comments to the is site shortly.