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Resin Wicker Outdoor Storage Cabinets





When we look for storage solutions for our patio or deck, we often overlook Resin Wicker Outdoor Storage Cabinets.   They take up a smaller footprint but give tons of space to tuck you outside goods away when not in use.  Having shelves to sort your stuff is a lot better than standing on your head digging through a footlocker type of storage chest.

The brown resin wicker look will match the resin wicker patio furniture that you have in your outdoor space and give you a place to store you patio cushions.  Each style will have different storage size and style, you should be able to find one for your outdoor storage needs.

Lets look at these seven different styles of resin wicker storage solutions from the Suncast collection and see if one will work for you for your outdoor space.

Suncast 195 Gallon storage containerSuncast Backyard 195 gal Oasis Station


Price when article was written: $205 with free 2 day shipping


This container will be for those needing the maximum amount of storage for their patio or deck area.  This unit will give you the most indoor storage with the ability to store stuff on the top, like a TV or plants.  The front will have a slight outward curved design.

This unit will have two doors that open in the front and the top will open to make getting your stuff in or out easier.  The doors will have a provision for a lock to secure your stuff.  Top will not have the same resin wicker design as the top and sides and some customers complained about water collecting when it rains.  Top will have two gas pistons to help hold it up when this unit is open.

The unit will be 48 inches wide, 30.25 inches deep and 41.25 inches tall.  Inside it will be 43 inches wide, 38.5 inches tall and about 2 feet from front to back at the middle.

Doors can be opened without the top being opened.  No shelves are included for this unit, a wire rack can be purchased for an additional cost.  Magnetic latches will keep your doors secured.

This storage unit will work well for those who need a lot of room for storage of their outdoor toys and cushions.



Suncast 73 Gallon storage containerSuncast 73 Gallon Java Resin Wicker Deck Box DBW7300


Price when article was written: $80


This deck storage container will have a clean look with handles on each end for moving if needed, it will weigh about 30 pounds empty.  The curved top will not be flat to store your drinks, you can sit on it if you are light weight, under 150 pounds is recommended.

Container is 46 inches long, 21.5 inches deep and 22.5 inches tall, inside is 44.5 inches long, 20.25 inches deep and 20.25 inches tall.  Top will have a strap to keep the lid from opening too far, no prop will keep the lid open for safety.

Lid will have a lock provision to keep your stuff secure when in storage.


Suncast 99 Gallon resin wicker containerSuncast 99 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box


Price when article was written: $125.40


Very similar to the above storage container, just a little larger.  Handles on each end will make for easy moving, the container weighs about 32 pounds empty.  Lid will have a locking provision to secure your stuff.  Not recommended for extra seating for someone over 150 pounds.  Curved top will not be good for holding drinks.

Container will be 50 inches long, 25.5 inches deep and 25.5 inches tall.  Inside dimensions are 47.5 inches long, 22.25 inches deep and 22.5 inches tall.  The lid will have a strap to keep it from opening too far, no prop for holding the lid open is provided.

This resin wicker storage box will be great for those with a lot of stuff to keep out of the weather.



Suncast 72 gallon storage containerSuncast 72 Gallon Deck Box, Brown


Price when article was written: $114.49 with free 2 day shipping


This storage container will have the lid on the top that is not designed for someone to sit on, but will hold one person that is under 150 pounds.  Handles on each end will allow for easy movement, empty it will weight less than 30 pounds.  A provision for a lock on the lid will give you some security for the items that you need to store.

Container will be 47.5 inches long, 23.5 inches deep and 21.5 inches tall on the outside.  Internal dimensions are 42 inches long, 20 inches deep and 18.5 inches tall.  No internal shelves are included in this container.

Flexible plastic straps are included to help keep the lid from opening too far, they will not keep the lid open when kids or someone else is trying to get things out.

This container will work best for those not looking for extra seating, just extra storage of your outdoor things.



Suncast 60 Gallon storage containerSuncast 60 Gallon Java Resin Wicker Storage Cube Deck Box BMDB60


Price when article was written: $60


This cubed shaped storage container can be used as a side table also with its flat top.  The lid will have a gas piston to keep the lid open when needed, no lock provisions is included for this unit.  Handles on each end will allow for easy moving for this 30 pound weighted unit when empty.

This cube storage unit is 26.75 inches wide, 27.75 inches deep and 36.75 inches tall on the outside.  The inside dimensions are 24 inches cubed.

This unit can be used for a side table, no provisions for securing your stuff.  A small person can sit on this unit when needed, someone under 150 pounds will be able to use this unit for sitting.

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What resin wicker storage solution works best for you

Each of these Resin Wicker Outdoor Storage Cabinets will have their own advantages for storing your cushions, pool supplies, BBQ stuff or just some outdoor toys for the kids.  Some will lock for the security of your goods.  Each will keep your stuff dry in most conditions, some results here may vary.

I have a storage container that is very similar to the Oasis Station large model, mine has wheels to move around even if it is full of stuff.

Thanks for reading my information, if you have a favorite outdoor storage solution for my readers, let me know.  I you have any questions or comments on this article or any of my information, let me know with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.