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Outdoor Solar Post Lights


When looking for security lighting or just lighting to get to the front door from your car, Outdoor Solar Post Lights will work in most conditions.  You must have plenty of sun and protect the fixtures from getting run over with the car.  Kids playing will some times cause a little trouble when they run and trip over one, most of the time they can just be put back in the ground and keep on working.

Lets look at five different types of post solar path lights sets and see if one will work for you.

Pure Garden LED Solar Classic Glass Pathway Lights, Set of 6


This set of six lights will easily light up a short walkway to the house.  The Brushed Aluminum tops with the solar panel, battery, LED bulb and on and off switch will attach to the Glass lens and reflector.  This assembly will attach to the stake in the ground.

After simple assembly, you just have to wait for the sun to do its job.  After charging the lights will come on at dark and be good for around six hours, depending on the amount of sunshine.  No tools required and you will have your fixtures in the ground in less than 10 minutes.

Each fixture will be 15 inches tall and 4.5 inches across at the widest part.  You can adjust the height by how far the fixture is put in the ground.

Pure Garden LED Solar Modern Pathway Lights, Set of 24


The Modern Pathway lights will come in a set of 24.  You can use this set for longer paths or in a driveway.  The fixture will come in three parts, a post, a lens with reflector and cap with solar panel, on-off switch and sensor for turning on the light at dark.  After a day of sunlight the fixture should last around six hours.

This is a very compact fixture at 2 inches across and 14.5 inches tall.  Top can be removed to turn on and off or replace the Ni-Cd 600 mAh rechargeable batteries.  No wiring or tools required to install these fixtures.


Pure Garden LED Solar Diamond Pathway Lights, Set of 24


This set is similar to the Modern Pathway set.  The top is more like a diamond shape.  The set will include 24 Silver Aluminum post, 24 Silver Aluminum stakes and a Lantern for the top.  The lantern top will have an on-off switch, solar panel, LED bulb, reflector and lens.  Solar panel is inside the plastic top.

The top will be 3 inches across and the fixture will be 13.5 inches tall.  Will last about six hours on a full charge of the NI-Cd 600 mAh rechargeable batteries.


Westinghouse Solar Explorer Path Light Set, 7-Piece


The set of seven lights are made of Stainless Steel and plastic.  The solar panel, LED bulb and sensor will be in the top, with a plastic lens, reflector combo on top of a post.  No on-off switch, just sit in the sun and wait for dark.  With a full charge they may stay lit the whole night.

The NiCd 150 mAh batteries can be replaced if your fixture does not last very long.  These fixtures come assembled, just place in the ground and wait for the charge.

Cordless Bright Solar Accent Lights, Set of 8


This set of eight solar powered plastic fixtures will have easy installation and maintenance.  The on-off switch under the cap will power your fixture after getting its first charge from the sun.  Has a bright LED light .

These fixtures will be 4.25 inches across and 13.5 inches tall.  Each fixture will have a 1.2 volt Ni-Cd rechargeable battery.


When looking for solar lights for your driveway or path to your house, one of these Outdoor Solar Post Lights sets of will give you a good sense of security. One set will do a small area, some people get several sets that match to make sure that all of there lights match.

When purchasing a set of Solar Lights, make sure that you have some information on the rechargeable batteries. This is the only thing that should need replacing during the lifetime of your fixtures.  Look at my post on Rechargeable Batteries for help in getting the correct replacement battery.  Getting run over by the car or the kids kicking a ball will not be easy to fix most of the time for these fixtures as most of them are very fragile.

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