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Outdoor Lamp Post Lighting


When trying to get a modern look for your entry or path lighting, these three Contemporary Outdoor Lamp Post Lighting ideas should be on your list.   The elegant design will make your outdoor lighting pop.

All of these fixtures will require line voltage (110 Volt electric) to be run to the mounting location before installation.  If you are not comfortable with running electric cable, consult with a qualified electrician.

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EGLO 88116A Post Top FixtureEGLO Lighting 88116A Belfast 1 Light Outdoor Pier Lamp


This Pier Lamp will look very elegant on top of your pier at the entrance to your drive or walkway. The bright Stainless Steel finish is matched with the clear glass. It is made to be mounted on a flat surface of metal, wood, concrete or cement.  It is suitable for  mounting in all outdoor locations.

This fixture will have one medium base bulb with 100 watts maximum output (bulb not included).  You will be able to see the bulb through the clear glass, must get a bulb that will make the fixture look good.

The fixture is 16 inches tall and 9 inches across at the widest part.  Weighs about 3 pounds.  You will need to supply the mounting hardware as each mounting surface has different requirements to make the mount secure.

EGLO 89574A Post Top LightEGLO Lighting 89574A Maronello 1 Light Outdoor Pier Lamp


This pier mounted fixture will hide the bulb inside an aluminum and glass enclosure.  The aluminum base is smooth and striking in appearance.  It can be mounted in all outdoor locations and requires a flat surface for mounting.

The single medium base bulb with a 40 watt maximum can be replaced by removing the top part.  Just unscrew the shade portion to change the bulb.  You can use a regular incandescent or CFL bulb, if you use CFL bulb and a dusk to dawn or motion sensor it will last a shorter time than usual.

The fixture is 16 inches tall and almost 6 inches across.  Installation brackets included, mounting hardware not included.  Will require a flat solid surface with 110 volt power supply.

Hubbardton Forge 33-579 Post Top FixtureHubbardton Forge 33-5796 Banded 1 Light Outdoor Pier Lamp


This hand blown glass top design is built to mount on a flat surface.  The aluminum finish is available in six colors-Black, Bronze, Burnished Steel, Dark Smoke, Mahogany and Natural Iron.  The hand blown glass shade is available in three finishes-Opal, Stone and Pearl.  Since the shade is hand blown glass some adjustments (spinning to fit) may be needed for the shade sit properly on the base.

Two different lighting options are available, regular incandescent (bulb not included)100 watts maximum or LED (GU24 base, bulb included) 12 watts maximum, sockets and electrical wiring are different for  each bulb type.  LED type fixture will cost more money to buy, will use less energy in the long run.

The fixture is 12.8 inches tall and 7.3 inches square at the widest point, the base is 5.25 inches square.  This fixture can be mounted in any wet location.  Mounting hardware not included.  This fixture is made to be mounted on a solid flat surface.

Installation Tips


Preparation for installing one of these fixtures is the key to having great entrance lighting appeal to your outdoor space.  Choosing a method for your fixture to work-Dusk to Dawn, Motion, timer or regular light switch will be something to look into. For more information on controls for this type of fixture see this post on line voltage light control.  I prefer Dusk to Dawn to highlight an item (flag or yard or house decoration) or a motion sensor for security reasons.  This option is to suite a homeowners taste.  Some thing to think about before planning installation.

Planning a grounded 110 power up the middle to your flat surface will be the first requirement, if you are not comfortable with running electric wire or have concerns of local rules, consult a qualified electrician before proceeding.  Make sure you plan your power interrupter in your wiring plan.

A pier made of one or a combination of these materials-metal, wood, concrete or brick will be the next requirement.  The mounting hardware will be matched to the surface and the mounting plate of the fixture.  Each type of pier material could use different hardware.

After the fixture is installed you must use all-weather caulk to seal the base plate to the mounting surface to prevent moisture from shorting the fixture.  This caulk should be routinely checked to make sure it does not shrink or dry out.

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These three examples of contemporary Outdoor Lamp Post Lighting ideas should give you some idea how to make your outdoor lighting shine.  Very different in design and look, each will have good looks for that modern home.  If you are just upgrading your current lighting, one of these lights will bring you outdoor space into the 21st century, get rid of the old coach light look.

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