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Outdoor Furniture Covers from Walmart


Protecting your valuable goods when they are not used on your patio or deck is a must to make it last for many years.  In this post we will take a look at outdoor furniture covers from Walmart.  They have a cover to fit almost any piece of furniture you have, for the fraction of the price of replacement furniture you can make your present furniture last for many years.


I have sorted them out to what kind of furniture they fit.  Now let us look at some examples for the major pieces in your outdoor space.


Veranda Patio Furniture Storage Cover


The series of covers in the Veranda selection will give you everything you need to keep your furniture outdoors during the time it is not used.  The protection will be will be made with Gardelle woven polyester fabric.  It has a water repellent and water resistant undercoating. Each piece is designed for a specific piece of furniture.

With leg straps, elastic cords to adjust the bottom closure, interlocking seams, padded handles for easy removal and installation, air vents to prevent parachuting or trapping moisture under the cover these covers.  When you purchase one of these covers your investment will be properly protected.

Veranda Sofa CoverWhat will it fit


If you have lounge chair a cover that fits a chair 35 inches wide and 38 inches deep is available.  The cover is 31 inches tall and will not cover most chairs to the ground.

There is a separate cover that is available for high back chairs, these are chairs with a back of about 27 inches.  These will needed for Adirondack type chairs.

For love seats or benches that are 76 inches or shorter a cover that is 76 inches long, 32.5 inches wide and 33 inches high will work.  This cover will have a handle on each end to help with the installation and removal of the cover.  A cord in the base of the cover can be tightened to keep the cover on your love seat or bench.

If you are looking to cover for your table and chairs set on your patio there are several options.  We will look at the sizes available with just a table and chairs, there are covers with a hole for the umbrella, I personally bring my umbrella in the house with my chairs for winter storage.

veranda-table-and-chair-coverTable and chair covers without hole for umbrella are:

For bistro table and 2 chairs they have a cover that is 54 inches across and 23 inches tall.  It will be a little short for the taller sets.

For the taller bistro table with chairs there is a cover that is 60 inches across and 29 inches tall.

For the much larger round table with up to 6 chairs you can choose the cover that is 94 inches across and 23 inches tall.

For the square table that is 48 inches across with chairs or 66 inches square without chairs you can purchase the 66 inch square by 23 inches tall cover.

With over 50 styles and sizes to choose from, you can find a cover for anything in your outdoor space here.



Watch this video to get more information on these covers.

Outdoor furniture covers from Walmart



When the colder weather makes you think about not going outside any more, you will need to think about outdoor furniture covers from Walmart.  They offer the greatest range of great covers to protect your investment in any piece of furniture, grill or accessories that you have in your outdoor space.

Hope you find the information helpful in this post, if you have any questions or comments use the forms below.

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