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Outdoor Electric Heaters for Patio


For those with small outdoor spaces or just want to stay warm on those cool nights, I would recommend an Outdoor Electric Heaters for Patio for your solution.  I will look at several styles of electric heaters that will work, some will work better than others in each situation.

The choice of electric heat is one that is made when you are on a surface that cannot take much heat and your floor space cannot take the size of a propane-powered fire pit.  The electric heaters for patios have a lot of styles today and will not deter from your outdoor decor.

Now let us look at several types and styles and see what works best for your outdoor heating needs.  Just add electric and enjoy the warmth.

For use with a table

Hiland Tabletop Outdoor Electric Heaters for PatioTabletop

In smaller areas with a side table or bistro table, a tabletop electric heater will work well.  Any table that is more than 15 inches across with support this type of heater with ease.

The Hiland model showed here will heat up to 15 square foot radius to a comfortable temp with just a flick of a switch.  A 1500 watt element will produce a great amount of heat towards the top of this fixture.

This fixture is 42 inches tall and has an anti-tilt switch for safety. A switch will allow you to adjust the heat that your lamp puts out.  Put this heater on the coffee table and enjoy your outdoor space with heat.

There are a lot of styles and colors available in the tabletop lamp designs.


Hiland Outdoor Electric Heaters for Patio on umbrella postUmbrella mount


Have an umbrella that you leave up during the cooler months, this three element heater will fit nicely and will not take up table space.  When not in use the elements will fold down, so that umbrella can be retracted without removing heater, just make sure the element is cool before closing to ensure you do not set this on fire.

Each element will produce 500 watts of heat on high setting to warm all that are sitting around the table.  It has temperature control to make sure that you do not get too warm.

For those who want to dine or play cards outside on a cool evening, this heating element will work great.



  • Small, can be used without having a big area
  • Easy to move the tabletop model
  • Umbrella model can be left on the umbrella pole all year long


  • Must have a proper table for use
  • Have to hide the electric cord



Use this link for more information on Patio Electric Heaters



Wall Mount Infrared Outdoor Electric Heaters for Patio

Wall mount


Using a wall mount similar to a wall TV, you can adjust the direction of this Infrared heater.  Remote control will allow you to adjust the heat without getting out of your chair.

The fixture will be 24.5 inches across and 6 inches high.  The depth is adjustable.  1500 watts of heat on high will give you enough heat to keep people warm about 10-15 feet away depending on the outside temperature.

The safety switch will turn off the lamp if it tilted too far.  Batteries not included for the remote.  The lamp will weigh 18 pounds, can be mounted on most solid wall surfaces.



  • Can direct wire for no electric cord showing
  • Can adjust the direction of the heat


  • Must have a wall for mounting
  • Cannot be moved to another area very easily

Bar type Outdoor Electric Heaters for Patio on standFloor lamp


Several styles of floor lamps are available, round top or bar top designs are the most prevalent.  The round design will give you heat in any direction from the head, the bar design will direct the heat in the direction of your choice.

The bar type will be very similar to the wall-mounted types above.  The one shown at the right will have the ability to be mounted on a wall, three heat setting, two lights for extra lighting for your patio area and a stand that will get the light above the crowd without the benefit of a wall.

It is 28.5 inches across with the lights on each end.  The height will depend on how you set it up, you can adjust to almost any area that needs directional heating.  This fixture works best when you do not need to heat an area in more than one direction, for multidirectional heat us the next fixture.

Round top Outdoor Electric Heaters for Patio on standThe round-headed fixture will have an element with a shield that will direct the heat in a circular direction.  The head will tilt about 30 degrees to direct the heat a little better.  The power cord will go down the inside of the post to keep the look clean.

1500 watt head can be adjusted from 5 to 7 feet off the ground.  A 15-foot radius can be heated, this will depend on wind and outside temperature.

A safety switch will protect you from fire if the heater is tilted too far.  Temperature can be adjusted to allow you to use on most cool nights.  This heater is finished in stainless steel and can be used inside or outside.



  • Easy to move to another location
  • Can adjust where you want the heat to go
  • Can provide extra lighting for your patio area


  • Come have external cords that can be in the way
  • Heat can be too tall to get to warm your guest



Use this link for more information on Patio Electric Heaters

What type of electric heater will work for your patio


Several types of Outdoor Electric Heaters for Patios are described in this article, I prefer the tabletop unit for its mobility and sharp looking design.  It can heat a nice sized area to allow you, guests, to be comfortable on the coolest nights.

If you need more heat you may have to move up to propane-powered heat source, like a fire pit.  For more information or styles of propane fire pits, see my information in my articles here.

Any questions or comments about this article or any other information on this site, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.