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Pergola with Fabric Covering

Need shade for your patio or deck area, the Better Homes and Gardens Meritmoor Pergola with Fabric Covering will give you some flexibility with your shade needs.  The canopy can be retracted when not needed and if put on a soil surface you can use the included stakes to secure your pergola to the ground.

This pergola is big enough to have a conversation set or small dining set for your outdoor needs.  Hang some lights from the upper frame and you can enjoy your outdoor patio area any time day or night.

Now lets look at some of the details of this pergola and see if it will work for you.


Price when article was written: $285 with free 2 day shipping

Better Homes and Gardens Meritmoor Pergola with Fabric CoveringWhat do you get in the box


The Meritmoor Pergola with Fabric Covering will give you the ability to control the amount of shade you receive.  The Navy Blue polyester fabric canopy will ride on tracks on the top rails to slide open or closed.  Steel frames will have an aluminum /E-Coated white finish.

Frame will have four post that will be 8.66 feet across on the short side and 11 foot across on the long side, shade will retract on the wide side.  Total measurements of this pergola is 10 feet by 12 feet and 92.5 inches tall.  Weight of the pergola is 108 pounds when assembled.

Better Homes and Gardens Meritmoor leg stakesFeet will have four holes at the outside corners for the included stakes to secure to the ground.  It is not recommended to attach via lag screws to a solid surface, it can void your warranty.  It is recommended to remove the canopy during high wind conditions.

Frame top will have a front and back top bar with 5 rails attached for the canopy to ride in the tracks on the bottom.  Canopy will be supported by 5 poles that slide into slots, then into holders on each end of the top rail.  Slots in fabric will allow this canopy to hang from each of the rollers on each rail.  This assembly will allow for easy retraction of your canopy when shade is not needed.

This pergola will be a great addition to any outdoor space that needs a shade solution.  With a retractable canopy and room to put a conversation set or dining set with ease, this will be a great addition for the money.



Better Homes and Gardens Meritmoor pergola breakdownAssembly and setup of your pergola


The assembly will take some time and you will need to find a friend, a couple of adult beverages for a bribe may help, to help to make it go easier.  A short ladder or two will be all that is needed as the tools for assembly are included in the hardware pack.

To see complete assembly instructions or you need replacement parts, follow this link for details.  If you are need of a replacement canopy use the above link for details for you inquiries.

A couple of things to remember when you are assembling this pergola, you will need a solid flat surface for final location and you should not secure to a solid surface unless you use the provided 16 ground spikes, this could void your warranty.

A mild solution of soap and water should be the only thing to use when cleaning this pergola.  Any harsh chemicals will damage the painted surfaces.  Canopy can be removed for storage or cleaning, this process is not easy, so plan your time here.  During really high wind conditions it is recommended to remove the canopy for safety.

This pergola can handle most moderate winds without much trouble, just make sure that it is attached to a soil surface with the included spikes.


  • Retractable canopy
  • Great for shade for your sitting furniture
  • Very solid when you attach with included spikes


  • Should remove canopy during high wind conditions
  • Assembly can take some time
  • Should not attach to cement or wooden surface with screws


Use the following link for current pricing on this pergola with fabric covering

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My final thoughts on this shade solution


This is a great shade solution for those who have room for a Pergola with Fabric Covering.  The canopy can be opened or closed with little effort.  The big effort for this pergola is the assembly, it takes time and a couple of people.  The Better Homes and Gardens Meritmoor pergola will have great looks and provide a great deal of shade for you outdoor patio area.

My Patio is not big enough for one of these pergolas at this time, if it was this would be a great choice.

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