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Wood Adirondack Chairs



When looking for sitting options for your outdoor space, the Mainstays wood Adirondack chairs will add the beach look to your space. This chair is available in multiple colors to match any outdoor decor. Having a painted wood Adirondack chair will give you a chair with little maintenance.

Getting a pair of these chairs and a side table will give you hours of sitting enjoyment for any outdoor space. For help with your side table decisions, I have some information in my article here.

If you need more information to make your choice on if this type of chair is for you, keep reading.

If you would like just to see pricing and color selections, use the following link.

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Mainstays wood Adirondack chair grey

Product: Mainstays Adirondack Chair

Price when article was written: $93.99

Where to get for the best price online:


Mainstays wood Adirondack chair redWhat do you get in the box


The box will fit in most cars. You will get one chair made of rubber wood with a painted finish. Available colors at the time of this article are white, other colors available during peak summer seasons.

The chair will be 26.5 inches wide, 34 inches deep and 40.25 inches high. The seat will be 20 inches between the arms, 17.75 inches from front to back and 14.5 inches tall at the front. It has a gentle slope back and a small arched design for the back. It will support 250 pounds of weight.

The chair is comfortable as it is, a cushion will make it more comfortable for long term sitting.  If you would like more information on cushions that are available see my article here.  For storage of cushions see some of my storage solutions here.

Seat of Mainstays wood chairAssembly and care of your chair


You will need to have a Phillips screwdriver for assembly and a little time. If you use a power driver you will risk over tightening the screws and have a chair that is not very stable. Now lets go through the steps to get your chair together.

Start with attaching the arm support, front leg assembly to the seat, one for each side. Arms will be next, make sure to get them on the correct side, then the back assembly. Final tightening of all screws should be done after all are started and when the chair is sitting on its legs on a flat solid surface, this will ensure a chair that will not rock on a flat surface.

Care of your chair will be a simple mild soap and water. Any harsh chemical will damage the painted surface.  If your paint starts to chip or crack, a repaint of the proper outdoor paint will be needed to protect the wood material the chair is made from.

Back of Adirondack chairPros


Easy assembly

Comes in multiple colors to match most decors

Requires simple maintenance



Wood finish may not last long in some outdoor environments

Need to add cushions for long term sitting comfort

Need to add a side table for refreshments

If you would like just to see pricing and color selections, use the following link.

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Mainstays Adirondack chair in colors

My views on this chair


For the beach look in your outdoor space one of these Mainstays wood Adirondack chairs available in multiple colors will work well. The chairs are made from rubber tree wood that does not look very good without paint, but does very well in outdoor conditions.

I like the idea that you can get a chair that will last very well in any outdoor conditions and require very little work to keep them looking like new.  They are comfortable, I would still recommend getting some cushions if you are using them for long term sitting.

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