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Mainstays Scroll Bistro Set



When you are looking for a place to sit and relax in your outdoor space a scroll bistro set will work well. It is lightweight and easy to move, can be used for causal seating and a spot to stop and enjoy your favorite adult beverage with your favorite person.

I think that the Mainstays Scroll bistro set will work well for this occasion. You can move it to any area, use it almost anywhere it will sit level. A spot on a pathway or just on your balcony, this bistro set will fit nicely and look good. Coming in two colors, red and yellow, it can be painted any color without much trouble to match any decor.

The big thing with this set is that it does not come with cushions or any creature comforts of other sets. Add cushions to make it a great set, or if you would just like to look at metal garden bistro sets that are more comfortable, look at my information here.

Now if you are still looking and reading, lets look at the details of this fine bistro set to see if you are willing to purchase one for your outdoor space.

Mainstays Scroll bistro set painted in a bright red



Price when article was written: $89

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What do you get in the box



Mainstays Scroll bistro set chairYou will get two straight leg chairs and a bistro sized table. The chairs will not have cushions included in this set, you will have to purchase some to add to seating comfort. This set will come in two bright colors, red and yellow. Paint is powder coating for a durable finish for outdoor conditions. It will be very easy to find in your outdoor space with the bright colors.

The chairs will have a 16-inch round seat and be 33 inches tall. Seat will be 22 off the floor, adding cushions will have a higher seat position. Solid seat will collect water if it bows over time from use. Each chair will support 225 pounds.

Table is a standard size for bistro sets, top is 22 inches across and 27 inches tall. Table will also have a solid top and will hold drink glasses very well.

The scroll bistro set will work well for most outdoor spaces. It looks great in a cutout on a pathway where you stop to read a book or just have an adult beverage after a tough day at work. Having a great getaway in your outdoor space by the garden will give you hours of peace with nature.


Mainstays Scroll bistro chair assemblyAssembly of your bistro set


Your garden bistro set will arrive in one box that will weigh under 40 pounds. At 23.75 inches long, 18.5 inches wide and 24 inches deep, you can put in most vehicles if you have to pick up. Most people can handle this box by themselves.

All tools for assembly will come in the hardware kit. Assembly can be done by one person with ease. Chairs will take less than 10 minutes each and table will take a little longer, about 15 minutes.

Chairs will only need the base attached to the seat and back assembly with the four included screws. Flip up on its feet and you are ready to sit back and look at your work with a cool one.

Mainstays Scroll bistro table assemblyTable will take a little longer. Attach the four legs to the table bottom with four screws. The next step is a little tricky as the center leg support must be attached with the proper side up. Four screws attach the support to the legs. After the final tightening of the screws while your table is sitting on its legs will be all that is needed.


Care of your patio furniture


The factory powder coated finish should last very well in most outdoor conditions. A mild soap and water should take care of most stains. Do not use any harsh chemicals on your painted surfaces as this may start your paint peeling and rust will soon follow.

Those that opt to paint this bistro set a different color for their outdoor decor, they must follow recommendations of the material they painted with. A lot of customers wanted a black set that would look like the cast iron sets.



Mainstays Scroll bistro set tablePros

  • Can be painted to match any outdoor decor
  • Easy assembly, all tools included
  • Flat top table will hold any drinks without tipping


  • Not comfortable for long term sitting without adding cushions
  • Can be too lightweight for some
  • No place for umbrella


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My thoughts on this garden bistro set


If you have a space that is at least 6 feet square, you can use the Mainstays Scroll Bistro Set. Changing the color to match your outdoor decor will be easy. This set works best for smaller spaces like under a trellis or just a cutout on a path in your outdoor space. A small deck or balcony will also be a great home for this set.

Easy assembly, a price under $90 will fit in a lot of budgets without having to skip out on a meal or two. I like the looks and feel of the construction of this bistro set, I have a similar set at the lake with round cushions that we made for better comfort.

If you think you would like to look at some other bistro sets for your outdoor space, you may want to look at my post here with a selection of 14 different bistro set styles.

Any questions or comments about this or any other patio furniture solution, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.