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Patio Furniture with Chair Cushions



Looking for a matching dining and conversation set and do not want to spend a load of money, try the Mainstays Richmond Hills Patio Furniture with Chair Cushions.  You will have a choice of a four-piece conversation set with a love seat, two chairs and a coffee table or four chairs and a square glass top table for dining.

The metal frames will have a powder-coated finish and all the seating areas will have thick tan cushions for seating comfort that can be reversed if it gets stained or torn.  Tempered glass tops for the tables will give you some security against breakage.  Plastic feet go on the end of each leg to make sure it does not mark your floor area.

The price will be on the low end of most sets with these features.  You can also purchase the chairs in a set of 4 or the dining table separately for more seating and extra seating areas.

To look at my information I have gathered on the Richmond Hills collection follow the information below.

Mainstays Richmond Hills Patio Furniture with Chair Cushions

4 Piece Patio Love seat Set


The love seat set will come with two straight leg chairs, a love seat, and a coffee table.  If you have at least an 8-foot square area for patio furniture and just what someplace to sit with your friends and family, this set will work well for your patio area.

The seating positions will have metal bars to support the cushions.  Seat cushions will be a box type with square corners, the back cushions will have a knife-edge.  They can be reversed if damaged or to even out the wear.  Most customers got about four years of service out of their cushions.  No direct replacements are available, Walmart does have replacement cushions that will fit in many colors to match any outdoor decor.

Mainstays Richmond Hills Patio Furniture with Chair CushionsEach seating position will support 250 pounds of weight.  The chairs are 24.25 inches wide, 29.5 inches deep and 28 inches tall.  The seat will be 16 inches from the ground with the cushion installed.  Love seat will be 45.5 inches wide with the same other measurements.

Coffee table will be 32 inches long, 20 inches wide and 18 inches tall, this is a little shorter than some but just as wide and tall.  A tempered glass top will give you a great place for drinks and snacks.  The four-cornered curved legs will have a metal band for extra support, no shelf will be included for this table.

This will be a great conversation set with a lot of comfort and style.  You will find it fits nicely in any area that is 8-foot square or bigger.  It will come in one box that is about 50 pounds with measurements of 40 inches long, 30 inches wide and 20 inches tall.  It may not fit in most cars, an SUV or truck will be needed to transport if you are picking up.

A little assembly will be required, all tools needed will be included in the hardware kit.

If you do not find this is the right Patio Furniture with Chair Cushions, you can look at some other information on metal conversation sets in my post here.


Mainstays Richmond Hills Patio Furniture with Chair Cushions5 Piece Patio Dining Set


This is a new set for this year, The same chairs from the conversation set are used with a bigger table.  The four straight legs chairs will fit nicely under the square glass top table with provisions for an umbrella.

The table is a great size for meals at 38 inches across and 28 inches tall.  A hole in the middle with a plastic grommet will give you a place for an 8 or 9-foot patio umbrella.  The lower leg support will have a place for the umbrella pole to slide through for more stability, you should still have a stand for your umbrella for the best results.

If you do not what to use an umbrella, there is a plug for the hole in the tabletop.  For some ideas on patio umbrella styles and colors, look at my post here.

Look at the details for the chairs in the above section on the conversation set.  The ideal setting will be a space that is at least 8-foot square and fairly flat.  As with the conversation set, some assembly will be required.

If you would like to look at more ideas for patio dining sets, see my post here.


Mainstays Richmond Hills Patio Furniture with Chair CushionsPros

  • Powder-coated finish on metal surfaces
  • Cushions have ties and can be reversed
  • Lightweight easy to move or store when needed


  • Cushions will need storage when not in use
  • Will have to shop around for replacement cushions, not available from the manufacturer
  • Glass tabletops will be hard to replace if broken

For more information on The Richmond Hills collection, use the following link

Mainstays Richmond Hills Patio Furniture with Chair Cushions

What are my final thoughts about this collection of patio furniture


If you are looking for matching dining and conversation furniture for your poolside or patio area, the Richmond Hills collection of Patio Furniture with Chair Cushions will be a low-cost option.  With seating for four for each set and tempered glass top tables, you will get standard seating and a great looking table.  Buy both and get matching furniture that will be all of the furniture you will need for your patio areas.

I hope that you found my information helpful if you want to add to this or have a question please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.