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Mainstays Oakmont Meadows Bistro Set Patio Furniture



Looking at patio furniture bistro sets in a simple design, try this inexpensive 3 piece bistro set for your patio or balcony.  The Mainstays Oakmont Meadows bistro set patio furniture fits all the above. It will look great and will be a pleasure to sit in for a long time because of the cushioned seats.

We will look at all the details of this set in this article so that you can make a decision on what will work best for you, if you find that this set does not fit your patio furniture needs, look at some more bistro set ideas in this post.

Now lets break down this set and look at the details.


Oakmont Meadows bistro set patio furniture

Price when article was written: $95

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What do you get in the box


Mainstays Oakmont Meadows chairThe Mainstays Oakmont Meadows bistro set patio furniture will come in one box and require some assembly. The set will include two chairs and one table. The table is on the small side, more like a side table in the patio conversations sets. If you are looking to eat a meal or have a regular height table, this set will not work for you.

All steel frames are powder coated in a dark gray color. Cushions are a lighter gray and sling material is a contrasting tan color. This bistro set will match many outdoor decors with this color combination.

Chairs will have a sling material for backs and seat. A cushion will give added seating comfort, seating will be too low and uncomfortable to use without cushions. Cushions have straps that attach to the lower seat frame to keep them in place, this will allow them to be stored when not needed.

Each chair will support 250 pounds of weight. They are 22 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 34.25 inches tall.

Table is small for most when looking at needing their patio furniture bistro sets for dining. The Square top table is 16 inches across and 18 inches tall, the same as most side tables for patio furniture. The steel frame will have a pebbled tempered glass top, it is built into the frame and will be tough to replace if broken.

Oakmont Meadows table assemblyAssembly of your bistro set


Your set will come in one box that is 39 inches long, 23 inches wide and 1 inch thick. All tools needed for assembly are included in the hardware pack. Assembly will take about 10 minutes for the table and 15 minutes for each chair for those with some skills. Having help with the chairs will help as some parts need to be held in place when starting hardware.

The seat of the chairs will attach to the back with two screws. The leg and arm assembly will attach to each side of the seat assembly. Sit up on legs for final tightening for best level results. Add cushions and you are ready for a cool one before you start the table.

Table legs will come in two sets. They will slide together in the middle portion. The upper leg ends will slide into plastic mounts in the table-top. No tools are used in the table assembly.

Some customers did complain about the holes lining up during chair assembly. I have had this problem with this type of furniture before. An extra hand may be needed when starting hardware in chairs, they are easy to bend back if they do not align out of the box.


Care of your patio furniture


As with all powder coated patio furniture pieces, do not use any harsh chemicals. Even wiping the table-top with glass cleaner can damage the painted surfaces. A simple wash with mild soap and water is all that is needed for this furniture.

Please store your cushions out of the outdoor elements when not needed. This will give you years of enjoying your patio bistro set.

Mainstays Oakmont Meadows bistro tablePros

  • Easy assembly
  • Cushions secured to chair with a strap
  • Light weight easy to move


  • Table is more like a side table
  • Cushions will need storage out of the weather
  • Some alignment problems during assembly



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My final thoughts on this bistro set


I would use this bistro set patio furniture if I needed a casual sitting patio furniture set for two. The table is a little small for eating a meal, it is the size of most side tables. The gray color will match most decors and easy assembly will have you enjoying your set in less than an hour after it gets to your home. Cushions will give you many hours of comfortable sitting on your patio or balcony.

If you find this set will be too small or you are looking for something a little different, I have more information on other patio furniture bistro sets, look at my post on 14 bistro set models here.

If you require more information on this or any other item in your outdoor space, use the forms below for questions or comments. I will return an answer shortly.