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 Residential Outdoor Lamp Post



In this post we will compare five different ideas for plain and decorative Residential Outdoor Lamp Post.  We will start with just the base, then just direct burial post and then post with a base. Each type will have it advantages and you will have to decide which one will work best for your outdoor space.  Look for different lighting fixture at this post.

Residential Outdoor Lamp Post-Progress P8748

Progress P8748

Progress Lighting P8748 Post Base

This is a cast aluminum base only.  If you have a direct burial post and do not want to dig a hole to bury it you could use this base to mount it on a solid surface.  This base will fit any of the 3 inch post on the market.

It is 8 inches around at the base and 5 inches tall.  It will come with mounting hardware and set screws for the post.  You can use this base for a direct burial post.

To support the post it will have to mounted on a solid base of concrete with the 3/8 X 6 inch “L” anchor bolts (included in kit) placed in the concrete before it has hardened.

Residential Outdoor Lamp Post-Maxim 1092

Maxim 1092

Maxim Lighting 1091-PHC11 Direct burial Post

This post is 84 inches tall, when buried it will be 66 inches above the surface.  The Aluminum post will have minor assembly.  It will have a built in photo cell for control of your light fixture. Power wires will have to be run up the middle of this hollow post while installing it in the ground.

Installation will be in a cement base around the part of the post underground.  This will give it is strength to stand up to wind and weather.


Residential Outdoor Lamp Post-Hinkley 6667

Hinkley 6667

Hinkley Lighting 6667 Direct burial Post

This is a standard post for your lighting for security. This post is made of aluminum with a  black finish.  It is 84 inches tall before burial and the standard 3 inches around to fit most head fixtures.  It has the decorative bar toward the top of the post.  You can add a post base or other decorative items to this plain post.

Included in this post will be a photo cell for dusk to dawn lighting (not installed on post due to lighting requirements) and a grounded power outlet toward the bottom of the post.  This last feature will allow you to use other electric items close to the post.

This will be installed 18 inches deep in a cement base with the power wire run up though the hollow middle.  There is a wire feed hole about 8 inches from the base of the post.

Residential Outdoor Lamp Post-Sea Gull 8130

Sea Gull 8130

Sea Gull Lighting 8130 Post with base

This Aluminum decorative post has a black powder coated finish.  It is 71 inches tall and 10 1/4 around at the base.  Any 3 inch fixture will sit on top.

You can mount this post several ways.  The two we will talk about is with lag screws (not supplied in kit) and concrete anchors (supplied in kit).  To install with lag screws (these will have to go into a wooden deck or frame to make the post secured), just align the base and secure with the screws.

The power wire will have to run up the middle of the hollow post to the top.  The power wire will run through the concrete base or deck material that the post will be secured to.

To install with the included concrete anchors you will have to have a template that has the three holes 8 inches apart.  The supplied concrete anchors will be placed in the wet concrete with the template.  If this is not done correctly the bolts and the holes in the base will not line up.  Secure the base to the concrete pad with the included nuts.

Some assembly will be require as this post will come in several parts.  Secure the middle part to the secured base with the three included set screws.  The top portion of the post will screw on.  Just add your light fixture for a finished product.

Residential Outdoor Lamp Post-Maxim 1092RP

Maxim 1092RP

Maxim Lighting 1092-PCH11 Post with base

This post is 73 inches tall and 10 inches around at the base. It is made from aluminum with a black finish.   Three major parts will be easy to assemble after the base is mounted to a solid surface.

It has a photo cell for light control that will handle 300 watts of incandescent bulbs or 48 watts of a fluorescent or CFL bulbs.  The photo cell is mounted just below the fitter for the light fixture.

This post will be mounted with either the three mounting bolts in concrete (included) or with lag screws (not included).  They will have a 7.8 inch triangle pattern (plate included in kit) for putting into the concrete before it dries.

If you need further information on pricing please use this link

Mounting your post

As you have read in the above article most of these decorative post that mount to a solid surface will come with concrete anchors and a template to make sure that they are in the correct position.  Power line must be run so that it will go up the middle of the hollow post.  This must be done before pouring concrete.

Power line must be run under ground from a ground fault circuit.  If you are not comfortable with electric, consult a qualified electrician.

Direct burial of your post

When installing a direct burial post, you will have to first dig a hole about 16 inches around and 24 inches deep.  Some local building codes could be different, please check before proceeding.

Have a layer of crushed stone or gravel at least 4 inches deep for a base in the hole.  It is recommended that you seal the part of the post that will be under ground with an asphalt type of sealer if your post is made of an aluminum material.  This will prevent corrosion of the post.

Secure the post with some supports in a level position.  Then feed the power wire up the post through the wire hole or the bottom of the post.  If you are not comfortable with running the electric, consult with a local qualified electrician.

Have a concrete base either poured or use bags of cement to fill hole and finish the top with a trowel.


In this post we have covered several styles of post for your outdoor post lamp.  The installation can vary on each style of post depending on your needs.  Be sure to check all local codes before you purchase your post and lighting fixture.

As always if you have a question or comment about the subject covered in this post leave me a message using the form below.

Thanks for reading.

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