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Importance of Lights for Outdoor Fountains


Beautifying your environment is always advisable no matter whether you are doing it to save the environment or make your fountain appealing to the eyes of the people. If you have a look at the parks around you, you will surely notice that most of them have Lights for Outdoor Fountains.  These fountains play a huge role in making them even more beautiful than before. They give a sense of freshness which ultimately makes you feel good.

A lot of people go for jogs and morning walks in the parks.  These fountains are great scenery for making their day even beautiful. although people do the walks in the morning mostly many of the people like to enjoy taking their kids to the parks to play and have fun.

directional lighting for fountainsAs far as I know, kids are a die-hard fan of the fountains. That is why most of the parks try to add some element of fountains in them so that the people may get attracted to
them even more. Parks are not the only place where we see fountains. There are so many other outdoor places as well where people use the fountains to beautify the whole look of the place.

We see a lot of fountains when we go out. That can be considered as one of the reasons why people prefer adding more beauty elements to them so that people may get even more pleased with them. Lights come above all when we think of something that may help us in making the fountains look better than before. That is why nowadays there are many types of amazing lights which give an overall amazing look to the outdoor fountains. Nowadays there are LED strip lights, solar lights, fairy lights and so much more. All of them do pretty well in their particular ways.

Lights for outdoor fountainsTypes of fountain lights

The technology has gone so far and we cannot be happier. There are a lot of amazing lighting types that can be chosen as that of halogen, LED, solar and more. For the underwater fountains, people are preferring the halogen and the LED lights because they work more in that case. For a brighter look, you can go fo the halogen lights.

You can find them in amazing multicolored forms. the best part about them is they do not consume a lot of energy which means it’s a win-win for you in all the situations. It will look pretty and it will be easy on your pocket. Makes sense!

You can also choose the LED lights which are cheaper and also consume less energy. They can be seen in both the static as well as in multicolored forms. One thing that you must know about the LED lights is that they are less bright than that of the halogen lights. So, you will have to get your preferences clear in that case.

How to achieve the lighting results for the fountain?

Do you want to achieve the best results for enhancing the beauty of your fountains, here are some of the amazing things that can be of great help to you;

The direction of the lighting

There are a lot of things that should be kept into consideration while you are installing the light.  The direction of the light being used should be to the point and it should be decided after paying attention to the pathway and other surrounding elements as well. You might not be willing to light up the whole fountain. So, in that case, you must choose some important parts of the fountains which you should illuminate.

Pool fountain lightsAngle of lighting

Just like the direction, the angle is very important when you are installing the lights in your fountain. The angle at which the light is supposed to dispersed should be to the point. It should be around 45 degrees but doesn’t matter if you are looking at it in any other way. After all, it is your magic place and you should have all the rights to make it look pretty as ever.

Color of the lighting

Color matters a lot. It has a huge impact on how the overall look of the fountain will appear.  One thing you should refrain from while choosing the colors is multi-colored lights. They do not look as pretty as you might think they would look. Opting for a single color would rather be a very good idea.

Color Transition of lighting

For the people who want to go for multi-colored lighting at their outdoor fountain, they should go for the transitions. This will draw the attention of the people surely in this modern world.



So, now you do not have to put in so much effort to decide which Lights for Outdoor Fountains to choose from. We have made everything as easy as possible for you. The lights you choose change the environment for the surroundings to a huge extent. That is why it is better to choose something everybody and you will like the most. No complexity, no nothing. All you need is to keep the above-mentioned points in your mind and you are good to go with your fountain’s light shopping.


I have seen several small and big fountains that have a lighting program attached to them, the one that comes to mind first is the one at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  This one has music and lights to a dancing fountain.  I know that most homeowners will not be able to afford this kind of display, having a simple light solution for your fountain can make the difference in your outdoor space.

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