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Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Fixtures


In this post we will look at the Hinkley Outdoor lighting Fixtures 54000bz.  I have installed this fixture in my front yard to light up my American Flag at night.  After having a lot of trouble with the previous fixture and having to replace a lot of bulbs the past few years, I was looking forward to less maintenance with this fixture.  Lets look at the results.


Hinkley 54000 Spot lightName: Hinkley 54000bz Spot Light

Where did I get mine: 1800Lighting

Price at the time of purchase: $72.00


Whats in the box


You get a fixture, lead wires, wire nuts, adjustable mounting post and nut to secure to an outside electrical box.  Like in my situation, every thing was already in place from the previous installation, this is all you need except for a bulb.

The only things you have to add for a new installation are light bulb (this will let you chose the style of light, flood or spot), light control, mounting and electrical supply with box.


Link to lighting prices

What else is needed

Light Control


Some kind of light control will be needed.  I have a post on the different kinds of light controls here.  What you are using your fixture for will determine the type of control that will work best for you.

In my case I am lighting an American Flag at night, a dusk to dawn control was already on the old fixture and was working properly.  If this is a new installation you will have to add the control feature.

Light Mounting


You will have to have a way to support your fixture.  I already had a 4 X 4 with a outside electrical box installed.  The electrical supply wire was buried underground back to a ground fault box.

This fixture will require a weather proof electrical box for mounting.  You may have to consult a qualified electrician and the local building codes if this is a new installation, as some areas have different rules on how the electrical power cable can be installed.

Tools needed for installation

Tools that I used for this installation

How easy is it to install


Installation was not very hard for someone with some knowledge of electrical work.  I did an article on the installation of this fixture, you can find that information here.

As always if you are not comfortable with line voltage electrical installations, please consult a qualified electrician.

Look at this post here for more information on bulbs and fixtures for outdoor spot lights.



Once installed, no other work is required

Easy installation in an existing location

Small and compact and puts out a great amount of light



No bulb was included, had to buy my own-extra$$$

Needs some kind of control so it does not shine day and night-Extra$$$

If it is a new installation, you could have to have an electrician install-extra$$$

Illumination of my American Flag

With proper installation, this is the result

My thoughts on this fixture


I have not had any problems in the six months since my fixture has been installed.  It lights my Flag Pole as designed.  It was a snap to install in my existing location, replacing a fixture that was going through bulbs every three to four months.

Using this fixture to highlight any feature in your outdoor space will be as easy as installation and adjusting the spread and direction of the illumination.  Just make sure that the direction does not include any windows in your house, you will feel like you have daylight 24 hours a day.  Not good if you require darkness to get a good nights sleep.


Link to lighting prices



I would recommend this fixture for any item that needs to be lit up after dark.  It has a water tight seal around the bulb and should last a long time without any further maintenance.

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