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Hanover Orleans Outdoor Patio Lounge Set



In this article we will look at the details of the Hanover Orleans outdoor patio lounge set with two swivel chairs, a love seat and coffee table with seating for five. This style is most traditional of conversation sets for outdoor patio furniture. The resin wicker finish will look good in any patio or relaxing area around your home.

If you have a medium 10 by 10 foot outdoor space that will need a seating solution, this set will work well. Any smaller it will seam crowded, I would look at bistro seating or a smaller seating set with just chairs. See this set from the Hanover collection that will still have the resin wicker finish.

Now lets look at the details of this patio conversation set and see if the details and finish will look good in your outdoor decor.  If you like the look of the Hanover furniture, I have written a post on this collection here for more selections of furniture for your outdoor areas.



Price when article was written: $1499

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Orleans resin wicker outdoor patio lounge set


Orleans resin wicker swivel chairWhat do you get in the box


The Orleans patio furniture has a cast aluminum frame that is powder coated for better protection in outdoor conditions. A woven resin wicker will loosely cover the frame. This will give a more open look for your furniture. Avocado green colored cushions are included with two color matching pillows. Other colors were available, they are out of stock at this time.

Chairs will have a swivel base for extra seating comfort. Large love seat will seat three people. Chairs will be 31.3 inches wide, with the love seat being 74.80 inches wide. Each seating piece will be 34.25 inches deep and 36.8 inches tall. Chairs will support 250 pounds of weight. Some places stated that the love seat will hold 400 pounds, this seams a little light for a three seat love seat with a center support leg.

Cushions are 5.5 inches thick for great comfort. No zippers on the covers are provided, this will make cleaning a little tougher. Material is a polyester with foam polyester base. These will hold their shape very well and are treated for UV rays. Still will need storage to last for more than a couple of seasons.

Orleans resin wicker coffee tableCoffee table has a smoked tempered glass top insert. A lower leg support that has a woven resin wicker shelf will give you room for reading or snack materials. It is larger than most to fit the size of the three seat love seat. It will be 43.3 inches long, 25 inches wide and 22 inches tall.

This set will work best for those who have a medium to large space for their patio furniture, at least 10 foot square. Any space smaller will result in crowding of the furniture and not a pleasant experience.

This set will arrive in two large box’s,  thin box will be 69 inches long, 34 inches wide and 17 inches thick.  Second box will be 45.25 inches long, 30 inches wide and 30 inches high.  Boxes will weigh 90 pounds and 69 pounds, you will need some help to move around, porch pirates will need help if they try to get away with this set.

This set also comes with a two styles of fire pit in the place of the coffee table, I will write a post about this set here.


Orleans love seat assemblyAssembly of your patio set


Putting together this patio furniture set will take a little time. Tools are included in hardware pack. A extra set of helping hands will help when assembling this set as some pieces are large and hard to hold while starting hardware.

Table will need legs attached to the top, then the wicker lower leg support needs to be attached to each leg. Sit up on legs before final tightening of hardware for best level results. Add tempered glass top and you are ready for drinks.

Seating pieces will have a lot of assembly. First step will be to add a side to the seat back. Add the seat bottom to this assembly. The other side will now be added. For the chairs the seat base Assembly will now be added. Add cushions and you are ready to sit after assembling these three pieces.

One customer stated that it took several adult beverages to assemble this set. I would wait until done for these types of drinks as it may make for some funny looking furniture in the end.


Care of your patio furniture


Orleans resin wicker, cushions and pillowsAs with any outdoor patio lounge set with cushions, storage will extend their life in any outdoor conditions. See some of my storage solutions here.

Cleaning of the resin wicker should only be done with a mild soap and water mixture, you can rinse this off with a garden hose. A good wax will help the wicker and frame last a little longer in outdoor conditions.

Do not use any harsh chemicals on this set, even glass cleaner, as these will start the paint to peel and paint to lose its color.



  • Many different pieces of patio furniture in this collection
  • Swivel chairs for extra comfort
  • Tempered glass top can be replaced if broken, will be hard to cut to shape


  • Some will not like the open weave of the resin wicker
  • Cushions and pillows will need storage when not in use
  • Assembly will take some time and skills



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What are my final thoughts on this set



When looking at furniture that will be your outdoor patio lounge set, the Hanover Orleans collection should be on your short list if you have at least a medium space. The rugged cast aluminum frames and the woven resin wicker finish will give your patio furniture a rich look. Add the 5.5 inch thick cushions to the swivel chairs and you will enjoy hours of outdoor seating comfort.

Need some other seating solutions or want to see what is available from the Hanover patio furniture collection, see my post here.

Those needing more information or just have a question, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.