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Low Voltage Outdoor Light Fixture


When planning your Low Voltage lighting design for your path or driveway, the hanging fixture will give you added curb appeal with very little added work.  The Low Voltage Outdoor Light Fixture will use very little power and can be added to an existing wire run or you can make a “T” off of an existing wire run, see more information on wire runs here.  All of these fixtures will be powered by 12 volts and will need a transformer and wire run to make them work, see the end of this article on more information on installation of your fixtures.

We will look at five different designs and compare them, any questions or comments use the form below this article.

Progress Coventry Low Voltage FixtureProgress Lighting P5275 Coventry


This lantern style is made from die-cast aluminum.  The stake with a scrolled arm will support the light fixture that has a fluted dome housing and clear hammered glass diffuser.  Illumination will come from a single 18 watt T5 wedge base bulb.

The two piece stake will be 25 inches high and the globe is 5 3/4 inches across.  The stake will be connected together with a screw connection and srew into the ground stake.  You will get 72 inches of cable and a connector to connect to your wire run.  See below on what you will need to make this fixture work.

For this style of fixture you can get an outdoor wall, chain hung and post top Mounting fixtures to match.

Progress Tiffaney Low Voltage FixtureProgress Lighting P5271 Tiffany


The post on this fixture has an antique bronze finish with a curved arm for hanging the light fixture.  The hanging Tiffany Art Glass Globe has a sculptured bottom and looks like stained glass.  This will bring a art deco feeling to your outdoor space.  The illumination comes fro a single 18 watt T5 wedge based bulb.

The post is made of brass with screw together fittings for a secure fit.  A 36 inch lead wire and 8651-31R connector will allow you to connect to your existing low voltage wire run.  This fixture is approved for wet locations if you use the included connector.

The globe is 7 inches across while the post is 23 inches tall.

Progress Ashmore Low Voltage FixtureProgress Lighting P5250 Ashmore


This die cast aluminum fixture has solid brass interior parts.  The exterior is painted with a black powder coated finish that will last a long time.  The globe has water seeded glass panels that can be removed for cleaning.  The illumination will be done by one 18 watt halogen T5 wedge base bulb.

Globe will be 6 1/2 inches across and the fixture will be 26 inches tall.  Post will be assembled by threaded connections to a secure fit. A 36 inch lead wire is included to secure to your wire run with the included 8651-31R wire connector.  If you use this connector the fixture is rated for wet locations.

Other fixtures of the same style are available to include-wall mount, chain hanging, post mounting.

Hinkley Aspen Low Voltage FixtureHinkley Lighting 1554 Aspen


This simple Solid brass and copper fixture will have a Sienna bronze finish with a honey art mica glass globe.  The post will have two leaves on the back.  The illumination will come from a single T5 18 watt wedge base bulb.

It will be 9 1/2 inches wide and 22 inches tall with a 9 inch ground stake.  The fixture comes with a 36 inch lead wire to connect to your wire run. It is rated for wet locations if you use the included wire connector.

Matching Hinkley Aspen outdoor lanterns are available.

Hinkley Ivy Low Voltage FixtureHinkley Lighting 1508 Ivy


The Ivy fixture by Hinkley will have a copper bronze finish on the metal parts.  The globe will be a light Amber color that is sandblasted on the inside to give it the frosted look.  The fixture will take a 18 watt Xenon halogen T5 wedge base bulb.

You will get 36 inches of lead wire to connect to your existing wire run.  This  fixture is rated for wet locations, if you use the proper connectors you can use in all outdoor installations

Your fixture will be 26 inches tall, with some of this in the ground and the globe is about 8 inches across.

Where do I find more information on one of these Fixtures?

What is needed to install one of these fixtures in your outdoor space


If you have an existing wire run for a 12 volt low voltage system close to the new fixture, just use the included wire connector and make sure that you have not over loaded your transformer.

If this is an new installation I have several other post that will help you get the proper Transformer, Wire and Wire layout for your outdoor space.  Just follow these links- TransformerWire and Wire Layout.  If your fixture does not have the connectors follow this link.



These are some great examples on how you can decorate your outdoor space and get lighting at the same time.  The Low Voltage Outdoor Light Fixture will look great in the day time and after dark will let you navigate your outdoor area with ease.

Several items that some customers have had concerns are the post being fragile and fixture being too top heavy.  Several used rebar or heavy wire rods to make the stake a little more sturdy.

I hope that you found some valuable information in this post, if you have any questions or comments use the form below.

Thanks for reading,