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Gregory Patio Set with Fire Pit

The Gregory Patio Set with Fire Pit from the Noble House collection of patio furniture will look great with its club chairs and gas fire pit with the stacked stone look.

Thick cushions for both the seats and backs will give hours of comfortable seating, as these chairs will have no movement. Rich looking dark brown resin wicker panels will cover all of the exterior sections of the chairs.

The firepit will have stacked stone sides with a slab surround for the burn bowl and the same style on the base. It is made from a lightweight concrete mixture over a steel frame for durability. The color for the stones is hand applied for durability and looks.

Patio set with fire pit-Gregory chat set with stacked stone fire pit

Overview of the Gregory patio set with fire pit

Chair size30 inches deep, 33.5 inches wide, and 29.5 inches high
Firepit size32 inches across and 24 inches tall
Fire bowl mediaLava rocks
Current price$1142.33
My rating3.95 out of 5 (see the end of the article for details)

Who will like this set

Those who have a big area at least 10 feet square will enjoy this set. If you do not need the movement of swivel or rocking this set may be for you.

The fire pit works well in most outdoor areas as it could be used on some surfaces that a wood burner cannot be used on. It is easy to use with electronic ignition and not mess after the fire is over.

Features of this set

Patio set with fire pit-Gregory club chair with cushions


Straight leg chairs for simplicity. Resin wicker panels for all surfaces. Cushions for both seats and backs.

Fire pit

The stacked stone look for the fire pit will get you many compliments from your guests. The ease of starting the fire with the electronic igniter will get your fire going in minutes.

Ease of cleanup when fire is over, just turn off flame and propane tank.

Construction of the Gregory patio set


Patio set with fire pit-Noble house stone fire pit

Iron frames will be covered with a woven resin wicker cover. The resin wicker will be a dark brown color. The internal metal frame will extend to the feet at the bottom of each leg.

The chairs will have tan cushions made from a polyester fill material and a weather-resistant outer cover. The seat cushions will have a square boxy design that will have cords on the top and bottom perimeter for extra strength and resistance to wear. The pillow type cushions for the backs will have a row of cord connecting the front and back halves.

Fire Pit

The fire pit will have a stacked stone look that is made from a lightweight concrete material that is molded to look like stone. It will have a steel frame to support the fire pit. A flat slab cast material will give you a flat surface around the burn bowl and have a matching skirt on the bottom of the fire pit.

One panel will remove to allow access to the propane tank” (not included). A separate side panel will have a control knob for flame height and an igniter button to light your fire. You may have to add the battery to the igniter for it to work.

The fire pit will be 32.2 inches across and 23.8 inches tall. Weight was given at 140 pounds empty, it will have hand holes on each of the side panels to help your crew move this when needed.

Assembly and Care of your patio furniture

Patio set with fire pit-Noble house stone fire pit access door


The firepit will require the lava rocks and a 20-pound propane tank to be added before use.

The chairs will need the side panels attached to the seat and back panels with the included hardware.


Cushions will need a storage solution to last more than a couple of seasons in outdoor weather conditions. They will fade in the sun and constant water will make the fabric degrade.

Resin wicker will only need a wiping with a damp cloth, mild soap and water for tougher stains.

Fire pit rock will clean up with damp rag for most stains. The color may start to fade if you use harsh chemicals

Pros and Cons of the Gregory set


  • Stacked Stone fire pit
    • Hand-painted finish on a lightweight concrete structure.
  • Cushions for seats and backs
    • Square cushions for seats and pillow type cushions for comfort.
  • Full wicker panels
    • All outside panels are covered with a woven resin wicker material.
Patio set with fire pit-Noble house stacked stone burn bowl


  • Lava rocks in burn bowl
    • Can replace lava rocks with glass rocks for a better view of the fire at extra cost.
  • Cushions will need a storage solution
    • Cushions should be stored out of the weather when not in use. A storage box or shed should be used to make them last more than a couple of years.
  • No movement in the chairs
    • At a lower price than other sets, you will only have straight back chairs with no motion.

Follow the link below to get current pricing and availability

What is my final opinion on this chat set with fire pit

As with any gas fire pit and chat set, this set has its place in the backyard. If you are looking for seating without motion and cushions for comfort, this Gregory Patio Set with Fire Pit set with its stacked stone fire pit will work for you.

If you need to have motion in your chairs or would like to look at other styles of chat sets with fire pits, see my post on chat sets with fire pit here. For those who need storage for their cushions or covers for their patio furniture, I have some information here.

As always thanks for reading my information. If you have any questions or comments, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

Gregory chat set with wicker club chairs and gas fire pit


Fire pit


Chair cushions


Ease of use



  • Stacked stone fire pit
  • Cushions for seats and backs
  • Full wicker panels on chairs


  • Lava rocks in burn bowl
  • Cushions will need a storage solution
  • No movement in chairs