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Teak Garden Bench


When looking for a bench for a dining table or just as a stand-alone seating solution, look at a Teak Garden Bench for your patio furniture seating solutions.  The teak wood is one of the best woods for outdoor furniture and if taken care of properly will outlast its owners.

Although costing very much more than your standard wooden outdoor furniture, the teak wood was used for outdoor furniture since before the Romans.  With proper cleaning and a coat of tongue oil once a year or leave it age to a driftwood patina, your choice.

Teak wood will resist damage from insects, rot or most weather conditions.  Once placed in the outdoors, it will require little work to keep looking great.

I will go over the five choices in this article, with some having a dining table that will match your outdoor eating experience.  FI you want to look at other benches or love seats that are available today, look at my articles here.  Now let us look at the details of these wooden benches.




Hamptons Teak Garden BenchHamptons outdoor dining bench


This rustic design will look like some of the concrete benches available today with the two pedestals for support of the massive top piece.  The turned pedestals will give a rich look and a very sturdy design.  Lower leg support will run between the legs at the ground level.

Hamptons Teak Garden BenchWith two widths available, a smaller 60-inch wide version for two people or a wider 80 inch model for seating for three.  This bench is 17 inches deep and 18.1 inches high and could be used as a coffee table for a sofa or other large seating arrangements.

This bench is also available in two wood finishes, natural teak that can be left to age to a gray patina or a darker finish that they call a truffle brown.

A complete line of patio furniture in Teak Wood is available in the Hamptons collection to satisfy most dining or seating solutions for your outdoor space.  For more information on the Hamptons collection see my post here.


Adones Teak Garden BenchAdones outdoor dining bench with cushion


The most versatile bench in this article is available in three sizes and the cushion will be available in 56 different colors.  You choose your size and then color match to your outdoor decor.

Starting with the smaller 58 inches wide model for seating for two, a 70-inch model is available for those needed room for three butts.  The largest model will be 82 inches wide that you could fit four small butts close together.  The bench will be 15 inches deep and 1801 inches tall.

The finish will be an aged look of driftwood, this will give you a great beach look for by the pool.  Four legs will support your benchtop with a cross brace between the end legs for extra support.

Cushion will sit on top of the bench for extra seating comfort.  The cushion will have a Sunbrella or Inside Out performance fabric.  The Sunbrella is the better of these two choices.  A zipper will allow you to take the cover off of the dense foam padding interior.

This bench will work well for those looking for a bench solution for their outdoor space that may need different sizes or colors to match existing decor.


Costa Teak Garden BenchCosta outdoor bench with cushion


With the style of three chairs with backs, this bench will look a little different than the others in this article.  Two boards will connect each of the three seating positions.  A smaller band will go a little below the wide band under the seat.

A cushion is included, for an extra cost, you can choose from one of the other 55 cushion fabric colors and designs available.  You will have to follow the links to see all of your choices to match most outdoor decors.

At 74 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 35.5 inches tall, this bench will seem bigger and give more comfort with the included cushions. The teak wood is finished in a gray patina with the aid of a wire-brushed finish.

Other pieces from the Costa collection from Arhaus can give you an entire dining room for your patio or outdoor area, follow the link below for more information.


Tulum Teak Garden BenchTulum Teak wood bench


A little different in design, this bench will have resin wicker insert to give your buns comfort.  The resin wicker is woven in an arched pattern for each of the three seating positions.

The finish on the teak wood is a driftwood gray patina.  A wire brush is used to give it an aged look.  This finish will last for many years in outdoor conditions with little care.  It will look great with the other pieces of the Tulum patio furniture collection, follow links in this article for more choices.

At 72 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 18 inches tall, you will have plenty of room for three butts on this bench.  This bench is also available in an 82-inch wide version that will still have seating for three.  The big problem for me is that there are three distinctive seating positions if you want to snuggle while seating, this bench is not for you.


Malibu Teak Garden Bench

Malibu outdoor bench


The Malibu bench will have a squared-off design.  To keep it from looking so square the legs and outer edges are turned 45 degrees.  Two solid pieces will produce the top of the bench with the corners of the top cut the same 45-degree angle.

This bench will be 60 inches long, 16 inches deep and 1805 inches tall.  You can use this bench for seating at a dining table, a stand-alone bench or a coffee table.  Add some cushions for additional seating comfort, it will be a long term seating solution for your guest.

The finish is a rustic gray that is produced by using a wire brush and stain.  you will not have to wait several years to get that patina use.  With this type of finish, you may have some minor defects on the surface.  The defects will not harm your bench and will add to its charm over time.



For more information on one of these benches, follow this link

My final thoughts on these teak benches

When looking for long term sitting solutions for your patio or pool area, one of these Teak Wooden Garden Benches should be on your list.  A lot of variety is available in your Teak wood bench choice today.  You can choose different styles, colors of wood or cushion color to match almost any outdoor decor.

I prefer the Adones design with its simple design and 56 color combinations fro the cushions.  What would be your choice for your outdoor seating solution?

Any questions or comments please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.