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Winter Patio Furniture Covers


After you have purchased your patio furniture, you may want to look at Winter Patio Furniture Covers to protect it until spring warmup.  A lot of times you pay a lot of money for your outdoor furniture and you do not have room to move it indoors or into a shed for the winter months.  To protect your investment follow along for a few tips on what will work for you.

I do store some of my chairs inside, my tables and BBQ sit outside all winter.  These are the items that I would need a cover to protect them from the ice and snow over the colder months.

Many styles and sizes are available today in patio furniture covers, I will attempt to give you the details of a few that will work for you.


Ravenna patio furniture coversSize

As the old saying goes “size does matter”.  If your cover does not fit properly, how it going to protect your furniture during the winter.

The Veranda collection of patio furniture covers will have a big selection of sizes to choose from, make sure that you measure your furniture for proper coverage.  A cover that is slightly bigger than needed is better than one too small.

Having a cover that fits the contour of your patio furniture is important also.  High back chairs will need a different cover than a regular chair.

Flat items like a table or ottoman may need a cover that has tie-downs to keep the cover on in windy conditions or a cord running through the bottom edge to tighten to keep it secured to the item.


Where to find patio furniture covers for your furniture protection



Chair CoverStyle

Covers will come in different styles, some will add to your outdoor decor, others will be bland and just cover your patio furniture.

Look for ones with flaps if you live in a high humidity area, this will reduce the likely hood of mold during the winter months as your furniture will be able to breathe.

If you live in a sunny area you may want to look at a cover to keep your patio furniture from color fade, I would not leave cushions on your furniture when covered, It may keep any moisture during the cooler months causing other problems.

fire pit coveredMaterial

Polyethylene is a popular material for patio furniture covers.  Some cover are made from a canvas type material that has a coating on it to make it waterproof.  The canvas type is more durable in windy conditions, will cost more upfront.

The polyethylene is very popular as it does not cost a lot, most will not last more than a couple of winters outside, the wind and cold will quickly cause them to crack.  I have had several of these, none lasted more than 4 years before starting to tear.

I have one canvas type that I have had for several years for a patio table, it still does look like new even though it has been outside a lot.

Montlake patio furniture coversWhat options to look for

You will have to decide what you want to cover, then you will know a few things that will make your patio furniture cover decisions a little easier.

Chairs may need openings for air and some method to keep them in place during windy conditions, you don’t want to go out in the cold each time the cover is blown off.

Places that receive a lot of snow will need a heavier cover that will handle the extra weight that snow cover will give.  If you live near the beach with a lot of wind and sun, you may need a cover that is thick enough to handle these conditions and have a good tiedown method.

The biggest option that makes sense is to make sure that your patio furniture cover fits your patio furniture without too much stretch or slack.  Both will cause extra wear during windy conditions.

Where to find patio furniture covers for your furniture protection

My thoughts on patio furniture covers

It depends on what you want to spend your money on, some Winter Patio Furniture Covers or new patio furniture every few years.  I have a table cover and fire pit cover that I use for the items that stay out for the long term.  The other items of patio furniture I have, I try to store out of the winter weather for longer outdoor life.

What are your methods for keeping your patio furniture dry and safe during the winter months?  Do you use a storage system or furniture covers?

Any questions or comments use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.