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Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair Swing


When looking for that relaxing chair for by the pool or just a remote place in your backyard for reading a book or a cool refreshing adult beverage after a long day, try on of these two examples of the Crew Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair Swing.

These two hanging chair designs from the Arhaus collection will give you a great place to relax in your outdoor or indoor space.   With the dark resin wicker finish and cushions for long term relaxing, these chairs will look great.

Place a couple by the pool with stands or one hanging from the porch to use even when the weather is wet, you can choose how and where you place your hanging chair for your privet oasis.

Now lets look at the details of these two designs and see what will work best for your patio space.


Crew Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair SwingChairs


Both of these examples will come with the same frame and finish on the chairs.  They will start with an aluminum frame for the all weather resin wicker to be hand woven on.  The wicker will be finished in a dark color that is hand brushed on.

Each chair will have place to hang from the top, the chair will support 300 pounds.  If you use the chair without the stand, the mount will be the depending factor on how much weigh the chair will support..

Chair can be purchased with or with out the stand.  Chair without the stand will not come with any hardware, you will have to supply the hardware for what kind on surface you are hanging from.  You can hang from a tree or a solid surface like a porch roof, using a rope material or chain.  Just remember that your weight capacity will be determined by the hanging surface and the material between the chair and that surface.



Crew Hanging Chair Fabric colorsCushions


Cushions can be ordered in 57 different color combinations.  When you want to change your outdoor decor, just order some different color cushions for an easy change.  The back cushion will have ties to adjust the height for people needing more back support in different positions.

The inner antimicrobial foam material will keep its shape very well in outdoor conditions.  Polyester fibers will give the cushions their shape and add to your seating comfort.

A zippered cover made of weather resistant Sunbrella or Inside Out fabric will be easy to take care of and are 98{96f33b858e93d952285e8b3613cda120f6f3c7bc4d8324032c36c2b960be5b97} UV ray protected.  These materials are some of the best for outdoor furniture in the market today.

If they need cleaning just remove them for a proper wash.  This fabric is mold and mildew resistant for extended outdoor use.

Fabric is dyed with a solution-dying method that will result in the colors withstanding most harsh elements of your outdoor space.  I would still recommend an outdoor storage solution for your cushions when not in use, see some of my information on storage ideas here.


Stand for Crew hnaging chairStand


The stand that is available will be made form Aluminum for better durability in outdoor conditions.  The finish will be a powder coated finish for great durability in most outdoor conditions.

The round base will add to the stability of this base.  It will be able to sit on a solid surface or any flat surface, even a rocky or grass surfaces without any problems.

The stand with chair will support 300 pounds of weight.  The big advantage to the chair with stand is that you can move it to any location with ease.  If you are trying to get a tan or just want to sit in the shade, just move your chair to change your sun setting.



Care of your hanging swing


Cushions covers can be removed for cleaning, they have a zipper on the end.   I would recommend storage for the cushions when not in use for prolonged life in outdoor conditions.

Painted surfaces of the stand can be cleaned with any mild soap solutions. Do not use harsh chemicals even glass cleaners on the powder coated finish, this will start the finish to fade in color and the surface may start peeling off.


Crew Hanging Chair with StandPros

  • Replacement Cushions available in 57 different colors
  • Available with or without stand
  • Chair Frames are made from all weather resin wicker material


  • Only sits one person
  • Sill have to add a side table for drinks and snacks
  • Hardware not included for chair without the stand


Where does this hanging chair work best


What better way to spend your time outside than sitting in your Crew Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair Swing.  Just add a side table for drinks and snacks.  The back is adjustable for your desired comfort and you can choose with or without stand depending on your requirements.

Use with the stand by the pool or any patio area for the most mobility.  You can move to any spot with a flat smooth surface with ease, chaise the sun or shade all day long.  Use the more permanent hanging chair without stand to create your own oasis in any area in your outdoor space with overhead support, you will have to supply your own hardware depending on the overhead material you are hanging from.

The aluminum frames will last very well in outdoor conditions and the fabric for the cushions is one of the best on the market today for outdoor durability in most harsh weather conditions.

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For more information on your outdoor furniture needs, follow the link below to the Arhaus website.