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Covers for Fire Pits

To keep your investment looking like new, you may want to look at covers for fire pits. It does not matter if it is a wood burner or gas fire pit, the weather will take its toll in a few short years.

I have had a cheap fire pit for almost 15 years. I have gone thru several fire pit covers for it and by keeping it out of the direct weather it has not rusted out yet. The money spent on covers has kept me from having to purchase several fire pits.

In this article, I will give you the information you will need to order a cover to fit any fire pit, this way you will not have to find a storage solution to keep it looking like new. If you wish to store your fire pit out of the weather in a shed or storage solution, see my post here.

Now let us look at the steps and see if it works for you.

Why do you need to cover your fire pit

A lot of fire pits are too heavy or bulky to move to a storage place out of the extreme weather. If you have a smaller cheap fire pit like me you may be able to store it in the shed during the summer months when your patio furniture is out.

For those without a storage solution or you just cannot move the fire pit, a cover is a great solution to keep the finish looking like new.

My recommendation is to get a cover to protect your investment.

What information do you need to order a cover

The first step to getting any cover for a fire pit is to measure the outside dimensions. Make sure that you have the spark screen attached and you include the hoop on the top to remove it when hot. If you can store your spark screen upside down this will make fitting a fire pit cover easier with the flat top.

Some fire pits can get away with a cover that just covers the top portion, others will have to covered all the way to the ground.

Covers for fire pits-Mainstays 30 inch round wood burning fire pit

For our example today we will use the Mainstays 30 inch round fire pit, for information on this fire pit see my post here. This fire pit is a wood burner and has an open design on the bottom. It does come with a cover, mine only lasted a few months as it was only made from a one-ply poly material. The sun and wind tore it up quickly.

How do you order a cover

The first step is to open the website You will have to navigate to the fire pit covers, I use all products and then the fire pit link on the left.

Choose your style of cover, then you will need to enter the measurements that you have, mine are 30 inches by 22 inches tall at the top of the spark screen. The program states that you should give a 1 to 2-inch leeway to allow for movement while the cover is on the fire pit.

Now you will have to select one of the three types of fabric. Use the guide below to help, as you select the fabric the details of each one will be shown.

Covers for fire pit-Fabric compari

After selecting the fabric you can choose the fabric color. Each type of fabric will have its own color selections. As you choose the color it will give you a view of each side of the fabric.

The final steps will be if you want to add an image for a Logo, drawstrings or grommets. To make your cover fit well it is suggested that an image of the item to be covered. For under $10 you can add a storage bag for your cover, to protect it when not on your fire pit.

For about $65 I got a cover for my fire pit with the most expensive material. This should make my fire pit last another 10 years. Although this can seam like a lot of money, just look at the cost of getting a new fire pit every few years when they rust out.

To find out what it would cost to get your very own fire pit cover, follow the link below.

My final thoughts on this company

If you are looking for quality Covers for fire pits to protect your investment, Covers and All would be my recommendation for keeping your investment looking new for some time.

They will stand behind their product, free shipping for over $99, and if you need help with your cover they will help. With Chat, telephone and email, your will never run out of options to get your questions answered.

Thank you for reading my information. If you have any questions or comments, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.