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Storage Bench with Wicker Baskets

Most benches with storage are of the resin variety.  This bench will show you that you can have the style of resin wicker and still have the storage option.  This bench will go very well with the matching Farmhouse conversation set.

If you have wicker furniture or have a need to store some items when not needed, this storage bench with wicker baskets will fit your needs.  I will give you the details and what is needed to put this bench together and some of its details.

Now lets look at the details of this bench.

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BH & G Camrose Farmhouse wicker bench with storage


Product: Better Homes and Gardens Camrose Farmhouse Bench

Price when article was written: $109

Where to get for the best price online:


Wicker storage basketsWhat do you get in the box


In the box will be a dark brown powder coated steel framed bench with a resin wicker basket drawer for storage.  The drawer will slide out for recovery of your stored goods, it is divided into two sides for separating your goods.  Your goods will not be out of the weather, do not store things that will be damaged when getting wet.

Seat and back have steel bars for support, I would recommend a bench cushion if using it for long term sitting, see my suggestions here.  With the open slat design, the storage will not be weather proof.

The instructions state that the capacity of this bench is 250 pounds, I think it will still hold two adults if needed.  I think the 250 is for each side, it did not give any with my 200 pounds of butt.

The bench is 51 inches wide, 22 inches deep and 34 inches high.  The seat is 16 inches off of the ground surface and 18 inches deep. Each side of the storage boxes are 23 inches wide, 17 inches front to back and 11 inches deep.

BH & G Camrose Farmhouse metal bench with wicker storage boxAssembly of your bench and storage boxes


There is a lot to assemble here as you have to put together a bench and then a large drawer storage box.  Lets start with the bench first, having four hands will help make this process easier.

Attach arms to seat base, attach back to arm assembly.  Attach two supports to back of seating area, then attach drawer support to legs and supports.

Now lets tackle the drawer.  Attache the back to the bottom panel, then add the middle support.  The front panel is next, followed by each end panel.  Do not tighten the screws until it is fully put together and sitting on a flat surface, this will help in squaring all corners and smooth operation of the drawer.

Slat bench seating areaPros


Seating with storage, can be used as bench only

Other items in this collection to match design

Resin wicker will not rot




Stored items will not be out of the weather

Does take some time to assemble

Only 250 pounds of seating capacity

Could use cushions if sitting for a long time

Storage bench with wicker storage

To get this bench today, click on the following link

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What I think about this bench with storage


The Better Homes and Gardens Camrose Farmhouse bench is a fine wicker based storage bench with wicker baskets.  Would be great around the pool for the pool toys when not needed, not as good for cushions. The biggest drawback that I can see with it is the fact that your goods are not out of the weather.  The powder coated finish and resin wicker will last a long time in the outdoor elements with little care.

If you need seating with storage out of the elements look at some of my suggestions here.

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