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All Weather Wicker Patio Set


Have a large outdoor space that needs some seating, the Brookbury All Weather Wicker Patio Set with sectional seating will work well.  This set will have seating for eight people if you optimize all of the seating.

Available with two different colors of cushions Tan or Gray, you can match a lot of outdoor decors.  If you do not have at least a 12-foot square place in your outside space, you may want to look at a smaller conversation set, I have several articles on four-piece patio conversation sets here.



Now let us look at the details of this big sectional set and see if it will work for you.

Price when the article was written: $797

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Brookbury All Weather Wicker Patio Set

What do you get in the box


You will get five pieces of furniture that can be arranged in many ways.  Two large sectional pieces will sit three people each if not connected.  One-piece will have arms on both ends and the other will only have an arm on the left side.  Two ottomans that can be used for extra seating or to prop your feet up will also be included.  A high coffee table will be able to store the ottomans when you need more foot room.

Cushions will cover all seating areas, with a pillow-like cushion for the backs.  Cushions can be reversed.  Fabric for the cushions is in two colors, Tan or Gray.  Polyester is the fabric of choice for this set.  I would recommend storage for the cushions when not in use to prevent fading, animal damage or other weather damage.  This is not the best fabric for outdoor furniture, I would prefer an Olefin or Sunbrella fabric for long term outdoor use.

Frames are made of steel with a matte espresso powder-coated finish.  Woven all-weather resin wicker will cover all frames.  The table will have a steel slatted top that will not hold water and be smooth enough to hold your glasses upright.

Brookbury all weather Wicker Patio Set sofaSofas are 75.5 inches wide for a one-armed piece and 80 inches wide for the two arm pieces.  They will be 29 inches deep and 29.5 inches tall.  An extra back cushion will be available for the piece with the extra arm to allow you to make this a one-piece sectional with seating for five.

Each ottoman will be 18.5 inches square and 13.5 inches tall.   Each sitting position is rated for 250 pounds of butt.  This will allow adults to use the ottomans for seating.

The table will be a little tall at 27 inches and give you plenty of room for a full meal.  The top will be 53 inches long and 27 inches wide with a slatted top for drink stability.  Two end panels will support the top and allow you to store the ottomans under the top when not needed.

This sectional All Weather Wicker Patio Set will work for those who need extra seating and have a larger outdoor space.  The resin wicker look will look like you spent thousands of dollars when you spent a lot less than a thousand dollars.

Brookbury all weather Wicker Patio tableAssembly of your patio furniture


The very little assembly will be needed with this set.  Just assemble the table legs and add cushions to the rest of the set.  You will be ready for relaxing on your set a few minutes after unpacking the big box.  All tools that are needed are included in the hardware pack.

Follow this link for Similar to Brookbury assembly manual., still have not found any instructions for this set.

Many have asked for the Hardware list.  The following is the page with hardware, it is not very clear.   If any reader has a better copy, please send by Email to share with others.  I will not blow it up as it will be harder to read, just right-click on it and copy it to your device and see if you can make it clearer.

Brookbury Instructions page 1

For a video of the instructions follow the link below.

Care of your furniture


With most patio furniture sets the only thing you should use is a mixture of mild soap and water to clean your set.  Anything stronger will have bad effects on the powder-coated finish.

Cushions will need a little more attention.  If you do not store them when not in use, the life expectancy will be greatly shortened.  The good thing is that I have written several posts on my storage solutions in my articles here.

Brookbury storageFor storing this set with the included covers, you need to put the ottomans under the table.  Put all sofa back cushions on the seat cushions of the larger sofa and turn the smaller sofa over on top of the larger sofa.  The larger cover goes on the sofas and the smaller cover goes on the table and ottomans.  It should look like the picture when done.


Brookbury all weather Wicker Patio cushionsPros

  • All-weather wicker is one of the best finishes for patio furniture
  • Ottomans store under the table
  • Seating for eight if sofas not connected
  • Little to no assembly


  • Cushions will need a storage solution
  • The table is tall for a coffee table


See additional information on the Brookbury patio conversation set


Brookbury all weather Wicker Patio table topWhat are my final thoughts


If you are in the market for a lot of seating for by the pool or your large outdoor patio, the Better Homes and Gardens Brookbury All Weather Wicker Patio Set should be on your shortlist.  The seating for up to eight people and a table that is high enough to eat a meal off of, this set will be a great set.  Storing the ottomans under the table when not needed will give you more foot room when needed.  Just do not forget a storage solution for the cushions when not needed.

Thanks for reading my information.  All comments or questions, please use the forms below and I will get back to you quickly.