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Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor


Several styles of outdoor solar security lights are available today.  In this post we will look at the Brinks LED solar security light with motion sensor. The advantages of this fixture is that you can use it in areas that do not have a regular power supply, such as a shed or garage.

Powered by rechargeable batteries with a motion detector, this light will be good for any outside area that needs illumination for a short time.

Now lets look at some of the details of this fixture.


Product: Brinks LED Solar Powered Motion-Activated Security Light, White

Price when article was written: $48.94

Where to get for the best price online:

Brinks LED Solar Security Fixture

What you get in the box


You will get a fixture with two LED  bulbs that will put out 450 lumens of light with a full charge.  The bulbs are in adjustable pods like Chameleon eyes so that the light can be spread out about 180 degrees. The fixture has a plug on the bottom to connect to the solar panel with a 16 foot cord so that the solar panel can be mounted remotely.

A light sensor is on the top of the fixture body with a motion sensor on the bottom.  When the fixture is in the dark the motion sensor turns on the bulbs. There is a switch on the bottom of the fixture to turn the light off, set to stay on for 10 or 30 seconds when motion is detected.

Every time the fixture is turned on from the off position it will come on for about 90 seconds for a test of the light.  If your unit is not working properly, you may want to turn off for at least 5 seconds and turn back to 10 or 30 second position to test the light.

The solar panel will cover about 27 square inches for sun light capture during the day.

Brinks LED Solar PanelAssembly and use


Mounting the solar panel and fixture will be the assembly of this unit.  Having a 16 foot cord between the two will allow you to put the fixture in an area away from the solar panel.  Mounting screws and sleeves are included, you may have to purchase your own hardware if not mounting on a wooden or drywall surface.

Solar panel must be mounted in an area that will get the most sun light during the day time.  It will mount solidly with the four mounting screw locations.  Some adjustments can be made after mounting, you may need to make a pad to mount on to get the most sunlight.

Mount the fixture in a location that you would like illumination.  The removable bracket will mount to the surface.  The fixture snaps onto the bracket and is held in place with one screw.  This screw will have to be removed to remove the fixture so you can service the batteries.

Heads are adjustable to get light in two different directions. With the light sensor on the top, make sure that it is not in the dark all day, as the light will not get a charge and will not work after dark.

You may need a couple of days charge before the light is up to full charge for the best light.  The three 2000mAh 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries mounted in the fixture will have to be replaced every two years or so, depending on the use and the amount of charge.  This would be the only operation cost.

My take on this security light

brinks parts descripition


I have a shed in my backyard without any electric power source.  This fixture would be a good light source for getting out to the shed after dark.  We have a lot of animals, I will have to test to see if they will set off the light a lot at night.

Customer comments have stated that the plastic parts are very fragile when mounting and adjusting.  Cord can be a little too long for most applications.



Needs no electric power source

Very bright LED bulbs that will never need replaced

Great for remote locations




Designed to mount to flat surfaces

Will come on during the day if mounted in a dark spot(do not mount right under the eaves)

Some say cord is too long (use bread twisters to hold after coiling up the extra)



When looking for outdoor security lighting, a solar light will work in locations that do not have a regular power source.  One of the fixtures that I recommend is a  Brinks LED Solar-Powered Motion-Activated Security Light.  This fixture will need to be mounted and adjusted for the best sun capture during the day and light illumination during the night.

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