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Black Metal Ash Bucket


Whether it is a wood-burning fireplace or a wood-burning fire pit, you will need a Black Metal Ash Bucket of some kind to clean the ashes when the fire is cold.  I have one that I use inside or outside, it is an old coal hod that I purchased many years ago. If you want a cleaner look, a bucket with lid is available.   I will look at several different styles of buckets to help you clean up the ashes after your fire.

Ash bucket full ready to emptyA little about why I needed a way to get rid of ashes and what I do with the ashes after they were in the bucket.  After your fire is over and cooled down, you will be left with a pile of burnt wood in your fire pit or fireplace.  I use my hod in both places.

I have a shovel that lets me clean out after my burn without having to pick up an entire fire pit, they are quite heavy and the fireplace cannot be moved at all.  I clean out my ashes in the firepit after each burn, the fireplace only gets cleaned out every three or four burns.  Cleaning them out will allow for a better flow of air under the wood for a much better fire.

When my hod is full of ashes, I take it out and dump on my garden area to help make my soil better for my veggies next spring.

Now let’s look at the details of these ash buckets for your fireplace or fire pit.


Pleasant Hearth Ash bucket with lidPleasant Hearth Fireplace Ash Bucket with Lid


A simple bucket with lid that will look good next to your woodpile or fire pit.  Made from steel with a black powder-coated finish for great durability.

The round bucket is 13.5 inches across and 16.54 inches high with the handle down.  The handle with a wooden grip will swing from side to side to allow for easy dumping of ashes.  The lid will cover the ashes if it is raining outside and you don’t want to get wet, this will also allow for easy travel for your ashes in windy conditions.

This bucket will work great for those who want to dump their ashes on their schedule not when the fire is over.


To see your choice of ash buckets, follow the link below


Pleasant Hearth Ash bucket with lid



Black Ash bucket with lid and shovelBlack Ash Bucket with Lid and Shovel


Very similar to the bucket above with the addition of the ash shovel.  A bracket is welded on the side to store the shovel so it is handy when going to empty the fire pit or fireplace ashes.

The bucket is 12.5 inches across and 13 inches tall with the handle is down.  Shovel will be 14.25 inches long and 4.5 inches wide.

This bucket with shovel will be all that you would need to clean the ashes and get them to a disposal area in your outdoor space.





Black Ash hodBest Choice Ash Hod with Handle


This will resemble the old coal hods that many used during the last century.  This style will look great in most settings and can be left out for decoration when not in use.

Made from durable steel with a matte black finish with an installed movable handle this hod will be easy to use.  When you want to empty the hod, a handle built into the back will give you the leverage to dump your ashes with ease.

The hod will be 12.5 inches wide, 16.5 inches deep and 12 inches high with the handle folded down.  It will only weigh a half-pound empty.

While you burning your fire you could store small amounts of wood or pellets in the hod before you need it for ashes when the fire is done.  This is the system that I use with my hod and shovel.


To see your choice of ash buckets, follow the link below


Pleasant Hearth Ash bucket with lid



Pleasant Hearth ash shovelPleasant Hearth Fireplace Shovel, Black


For those who did not get a fireplace shovel with their ash bucket or have lost the one you have, I will give you an example to purchase.  This black shovel will match all of the buckets in this article.

Made from steel with a matte black powder-coated finish.  This shovel will be durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors without any problem.

The shovel will be 19 1/4 inches long with a hole for hanging on a hook or attaching a small piece of leather for storage.  Just make sure that your fire coals are cool before removing them.  I have one that came with my coal hod.


Do you really need a way to get rid of ashes


Ash bucket full ready to emptyI use a bucket to get rid of my ashes when my fire is over.  A black metal ash bucket will help you with this task also.  Just have the choice of what style to get and if you want a shovel or use the one with your fireplace tools, I have a shovel, use the fireplace shovel inside though.

What is your choice, let me know below.  Any questions or comments about this or any other post on this site, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.