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Ravenbrooke Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture Sets


When looking for resin wicker patio furniture for your outdoor area and you do not want to spend a fortune, look at this collection from Better Homes and Gardens.  The Ravenbrooke Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture Sets will allow you to fill your patio area with sitting and dining furniture to match and give you comfort by the pool.

The steel frames will be covered with a woven resin wicker that will look like the real thing.  Thick cushions will give you hours of comfort for your buns.  Get a couple of loungers for by the pool and you and your favorite friend will spend hours in comfort catching some sun for that perfect tan.

Now lets look at these sets and pieces of this collection and see what works for your patio furniture needs.


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Ravenbrooke resin wicker designAbout this collection


New for 2019 the Ravenbrooke collection will have steel frames with a brown powder coated finish.  The frames will be covered with a woven resin wicker in a brown color.  Cushions are made from a polyester material that is blue in color, it reminds me of a blue jean color.  Fabric will not be the best for outdoor conditions, I would recommend storage for longer life.

Chairs for the dining set will have straight legs and conversation set will have swivel chairs for longer sitting comfort.  Add a set of ottomans to the conversation set for extra seating or leg comfort.

Flatter resin wicker material is used for this collection of wicker patio furniture.  It will not look real close to rattan wicker as it is round in appearance.  The resin wicker material is made from recycled materials so you are helping the environment with this type of purchase.



Ravenbrooke conversation set for fourConversation set for four

Price when article was written: $697


For those with a larger outdoor area, larger than 8 foot by 8 foot, you will enjoy using this conversation set for hours.  With two swivel rockers, a two seat love seat and a coffee table, this is the standard in most conversation sets.  Add some ottomans for extra seating or leg comfort.

The love seat will have a single cushion for the seat and separate cushions for each sitting position.  Same blue jean color for the cushions in this set to match other sitting furniture in this collection.

Chairs will swivel for extra comfort, bars that connect the seat base to the chair base will give a little back and forth motion, not a true rocker.  Thick resin wicker arms will allow you to relax in comfort for many hours in these chairs.  Cushions for chairs will have a head pillow built in.

Chairs will be 31.75 inches wide, 33.5 inches deep and 38.5 inches tall.  Each chair will weigh 44 pounds and support 250 pounds.  Love seat will be 55.75 inches wide and weigh 48 pounds.  It will support 500 pounds of weight.

Coffee table will have a painted faux wood slatted top that will match the dining table from this collection.  The table will be supported by the two end pieces that are tied together with a steel bar at the floor level.  Included measurements of the table shows it to larger than most at 49.5 inches long, 38 inches wide and 30 inches tall.  Picture shows that the coffee table is a more standard size at 40 inches long, 20 inches wide and 18 inches tall.

Customer comments for this set shows that it is a great value for the money.  Most have not had their sets for very long, I think that the cushions will need storage to make them last more than the three years that they are garanteed by the manufacturer.



Ravenbrooke ottomans set of twoOttomans for extra seating

Price when article was written: $189 for two


Need extra seating or just a place to prop up your feet after a long day at work, this pair of ottomans will give you that comfort.  Arched ends will keep the cushions in place and will give the look of the conversation chair arms.  Arched bottom resin wicker skirts will cover all four sides.

Each ottoman will be 27.25 inches wide, 18.75 inches deep and 15.75 inches tall at the top of the cushions.  No weight limit is listed for the ottomans, small adults or children should not have any trouble using for extra seating.  Same blue cushions are used to match the rest of the patio furniture in this collection.  Each ottoman will weigh 16 pounds and will be easy to move when needed.

These ottomans will be great for additional seating or used on there own for seating in a small area, just add a side table for drinks if use on there own.



Ravenbrooke patio dining set for fourPatio Dining for four

Price when article was written: $599


When looking for a dinning set for four that can be used in your patio area, this set will work well.  With a large square table and four swivel chairs, hours will go by while you are sitting after your meal.

The table will have four straight legs with a square top that is 40 inches across.  At 28.25 inches tall the top will have a slatted hand painted faux wood look.  Table will weigh 44 pounds and will have a hole in the middle for an umbrella (not included).  For umbrella ideas, see my post here.  No lower support for the umbrella is used, you will need a good umbrella stand, see some of my choices here.

The four chairs will have wicker backs and cushioned seats.  Straight legs will provide no movement while siting.  Chairs will be 26.25 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 35 inches tall.  While weighing only 14 pounds, they will support 250 pounds each.


Ravenbrooke loungers

Chaise loungers

Price when article was written: $251.35


Each lounger will have four adjustment positions for the top part.  You will be able to lay flat like a bed or adjust to almost a sit up position.  A bar with slots on each side in the back will keep your position stable.  Curved arms will give you the look of the rest of the chairs in this set.

Lounger will be 73 inches long, 31 inches wide and 28 inches tall in the flat position.  No wheels on this lounger to help you move it, total weight will be 38 pounds, it will not be that hard to move for two people.

Same cushion material as others in this collection, they will be held in place with cloth straps.


Care of your Resin Wicker Patio Furniture


Like most patio furniture that has a powder coated finish, only use a mild soap and water to clean your pieces.  Any harsh chemicals will damage the painted surfaces and start discoloration or peeling of the paint.

Cushions should be stored when not in use, this is a must to last for more than a couple of years in any outdoor environment.  The harsher the environment the shorter the lifespan will be on the cushions.

Resin wicker material will last very well in outdoor conditions.  If you get damage from somebody, mice or other animals, chewing on your resin wicker, there are some replacement material that you can weave into the pattern to correct some damage.  This will be an option if you do have damage rather than just throwing your patio furniture out.

Ravenbrooke lounger adjustment


  • Great look of resin wicker
  • Multiple matching pieces to fill your entire patio space
  • I like the blue jean color of the cushion fabric


  • Cushions will require storage
  • Lots of assembly for the conversation set
  • No lower umbrella support on dining table


For more information on items in this collection and current pricing, follow the link below


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Ravenbrook table top faux wood design for the Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture SetsFinal thoughts on the Ravenbrooke collection


When looking at resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture Sets, the Ravenbrooke collection should be on your short list.  With a dining set, conversation set, ottomans and loungers, you could fill your outdoor space and by the pool with matching furniture without breaking the bank.

The steel frames will give you plenty of support and the woven resin wicker finish will give you the look of more expensive patio furniture.  I like the swivel chairs of the conversation set with the addition of the ottomans for leg comfort.   Get a couple of loungers to catch the sun and you will be the envy of all of your friends.

Thanks for reading my information on this resin wicker patio furniture.  If you would like to add any of your information or just have a question for me, just use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.