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Patio Fire Pits Designs


“Hi Impact”


Have you ever thought of what kind of Patio Fire Pits Designs would work best for my outdoor entertainment area?  What kind of patio area do you have?  Many people get a fire pit and then try to fit the fire pit they have purchased in their patio area.  In this post I will try to give you the information you will need before you put down your hard earned bucks on a patio fire pit.

The first item on your list should be the surface that your patio fire pit will sit on.  Any surface that is combustible (wood or composite material) should not have a wood burning fire pit on it.  There have been several house fires that have started after putting an ash bucket on a wood or composite deck when cleaning a fire pit, be very careful of these types of surfaces and fire.

If you only have a wood or composite surface to put a fire pit on you should choose a gas fire pit for your patio area, almost no heat is put out to the bottom of this type of fire pit.  A wood burning fire pit should have a fire block of some kind under any type of fire pit that produces a great amount of heat towards the bottom.  Look at the DecProtect system that I have written about here.

Wood burning fire pits are best on a stone or concrete patio.  They also can be used on any grassy surface if you do not mind the grass being burned away when fire is finished.  If you are going to use a wood burning fire pit for a tailgating party, make sure it cools while you are at the game before you put in the back of your vehicle, a friend of mine had a fire in his pickup bed on the way home from a game one day when some hot coals set his wooden bed on fire.


Wood burning fire pits

Several styles of wood burning fire pits are available today.  Depending on the look you are after or what you wish to use your fire pit for, you will have to look at the options available.  A low profile round or square fire pit will allow you to roast most things like Smores or hot dogs, get one with a cooking grate you could do hamburgers or some things in tin foil.  If you are just looking for heat, a taller fire pit or chiminea would be your choice.

Safety concerns with wood burning fire pits are that you will need a big a buffer zone between the fire pit and any combustible building materials that are used to build a house or deck.  Now lets look at the details of at least one of each kind of fire pit available, for more of my information on wood burning fire pits, follow this link.

Round Profile

The round profile is a traditional fire pit.  Most will have a domed fire screen to keep embers under control.  Look for one with a grate if you want to do some cooking on your fire pit.  The round fire pits will have smaller bowls than the square or rectangular models below, if you are looking for less time working the wood get a larger fire pit.


Mainstays 30 inch round wood burning fire pitMainstays Deep 30″ Fire Pit, Antique Bronze


This simple and under $60 fire pit will fit well for those not wanting to spend a lot of money or just want a very light and portable fire pit.  The steel construction will hold the heat very well, the on I have has lasted for over ten years when stored out of the weather when not in use.

No cooking grate is included, a smaller grate will keep the wood a little off the bottom for better burning.  A poker and poly cover are included in this purchase.  A mesh screen with a lift ring will keep embers in check when you have a fire, use the poker to lift the the screen off to tend your fire.

  • Poker and cover included
  • No cooking grate
  • 360 degree view of fire


Sun Joe Cast wood burning fire pitSun Joe 35″ Cast Stone Fire Pit


This wood burning fire pit will give yo a very modern look for your patio area with the three different colors of tint for the stone look.  It will not be very portable, as it will weigh 57 pounds, a little more than most. Four holes on the sides will aid in the movement of this fire pit.

The cast material will give you the look of a more expensive stone fire pit.  The removable fire bowl will allow you to store it when not in use to protect it from the outdoor elements.

At 35 inches across and 20.5 high, it will fit in most spaces nicely.  The fire bowl is 24 inches across and 7 inches deep to allow 20 inch logs with no problem. Included items are a 24 inch poker and a round top ember screen.

For more information on the Sun Joe Cast fire pit, look at my article here.

  • Great stone look
  • Poker and ember screen included
  • 360 degree view of fire
  • Slots in side for easy movement when cool

Square or Rectangular Profile


Axxonn rectangular wood burning fire pitAxxonn Rectangular Tile Top Fire Pit


Have a large space for a fire pit, try this rectangular model with a tile top.  With four stout legs and an arched leg support design this will add some style to your burn area.  The tile top is made up of tiles set into a frame, they can be replaced if broken.  Replacement tiles will be four tiles connected and may not be the same lot or color as existing tiles.  Drinks can be placed on tile while having a fire, they would not stay cool very long and if the flame direction changed it could get quite hot.

The fire pit is about the same size as most patio coffee tables at 38 inches long, 20 inches wide and 18 inches tall at the top of the rim with tiles.  If it had a solid cover for the burn area when no fire was needed, it could be used as a coffee table.  Burn bowl is 27 inches long, 18 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

Poker and ember cover are included with purchase, no poly cover.  Bowl can be removed after cooling to dump ashes for your fire.  A small grate is included to place your logs on, this will give a little breathing room for air to fuel your fire.  Small holes in the bottom of the fire bowl will let water drain out to avoid quick rust outs.

  • Tile top for a good look
  • Large burn area
  • Poker and mesh screen
  • No insert to make a coffee table
  • 360 degree fire view



Montreux square wood burning fire pitMontreux 26″ Square Steel Fire Pit


This would be a great choice for those with smaller spaces and want the look of a square wood burning fire pit.  With an open type design of the burn bowl, this fire pit will have a feel of an open fire.

At 26 inches square, 18.75 inches tall before adding the mesh top and weighting under 16 pounds, this fire pit will be easy to move and take up little area when not in use.  Holes in the bottom of the fire bowl will help with water drainage and air to fuel your fire.

  • Simple design
  • 360 degree view of flames
  • Poker and ember guard included
  • Light weight, easy to move



A chiminea Fire pit will be very tall compared to others.  You will get a great vies of the fire and normally you will have a door to open to add wood or adjust it for a better burn.  Most chimineas will not allow you to cook anything, they are best for heat and viewing the flames.  Now lets look at a couple of examples, follow this link to my articles on chimneas.

Sunnydaze Rustic ChimineaSunnydaze Rustic Chiminea Fire Pit

This 6 foot tall fire pit has an open front to view the flames.  This is not a 360 degree view as some of the other chimineas.  The advantage is that you will not have to open a door to add wood, if you have the included grilling grate installed you will have to remove it to add or adjust the wood.  No fire tools are included in this chiminea.

It will be 30 inches across and 77 inches tall, it will work very well for smaller areas that you only need heat in a smaller direction.  Four legs will support your fire pit.

A grilling grate is included with this chiminea, you will need to use smaller pieces of fire wood when using the grate to keep it under the grate.

  • No door for loading wood or tending fire
  • Cooking grate included
  • No fire tools included
  • Smoke will normally be over the top of your head, will not get in the eyes


Mainstays Hadlee Steel ChimineaMainstays Hadlee Steel Wood Burning Chiminea


Want a look that will draw a lot of comments when you guest come over on a cool evening, the modern clean lines of this chiminea will give you that look.  A squared look with a copper look finish on a steel surface, it will five you a aged patina look over time.

The fire pit will be a little smaller at 17.5 inches across and 55 inches tall.  A hinged door will allow the adding and attending of the wood for your fire.  An included poker will allow you to adjust your wood for a great fire.  A screen will give you a view of the fire.  This chiminea will not have the 360 degree view of some of the cheaper chimineas.

  • Great modern look
  • Flame can only be viewed from one side
  • Door for keeping fire enclosed
  • Poker included


Things that you will need with a wood burning fire pit

  • Place to store fire wood (Wood racks)
  • Non burning surface for your fire (stone paver or concrete)
  • Fire staring material (Lighter, kindling wood or paper)
  • Way to move wood to burn area (log cart)
  • Way to move hot wood (Fire place tongs or poker)
  • Method to clean up after fire is over (ash bucket, fire place tools or fire gloves)

Gas burning fire pits


Hanover Traditions fire pit bar set20 Pound propane fire pit


There are two types of 20 pound propane fire pits, one where the tank is hidden inside the fire pit and those with remote boxes to hide the tank.  There are several looks for these types of fire pits.

Many styles are available in the gas burning fire pits, you can get almost any style that you choose.  The burn area will be taller than the wood burning fire pits on most models (except the remote tank models) so the heat from the fire is no felt as much.

Most gas burning fire pits cannot be cooked on, the flame is not big enough to cook on.  Most gas burning fire pits will have a solid cover for the burn bowl so you can convert the fire pit to a table when a fire is not needed.  See some of my articles on gas fire pits by following this link.

  • Clean burning
  • No ash cleanup when done with fire
  • No wood to cut and move
  • Can spend more time with guest
  • Smaller flame and heat output over wood burning models


Tremont round table top gas fire pit1 pound propane fire pit

Some of the smaller fire pits, like those you can use on table tops will come with the smaller 1 pound propane tank for power.  Some will have fittings to fit in the umbrella hole in your picnic table and will be a great addition for those meals for two on the patio, just add your favorite adult beverage.

I have written several articles on these types of fire pits, see some of my information here.

  • Can be used in any small space
  • Tanks will either sit inside or hang under the table
  • Do not need a big area for a fire pit

Things that your will need with a gas burning fire pit


You will need less extra tools for a gas burning fire pit.  Most will come with a battery powered Igniter.  There will be no ashes to clean up when finished with your fire or any wood to move before, during or after your fire.

The list below is a list of extras that will make your fire pit less of a problem when you are having a fire or after you pit is done with its duty.


  • Gage for propane tank
  • Spare tank if your tank is low
  • Cover when pit is cooled down

How to pick your fire pit


When looking for the best Patio Fire Pits Designs for your outdoor space, several options are available.  You will have to know the surface that you are going to place the fire pit on first.  Then are you looking for a wood burner or a gas powered fire pit.  I have a wood burner that is light weight so that I can use is any where in my yard.

If your outdoor space is limited, like a balcony or builders deck, a small propane model will work the best.  Some are even small enough to attach to the hole in a bistro table an give you a great feel for that other person in you life.

Have a big space in an open area, the wood burning fire pit will give the best feel to being out camping or for watching the big game with friends.

Hope you have found this information helpful.  If you have any thing to add or just have a question, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.