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Best Outdoor Mosquito Control Products



Every one is ready for summer to get here after the longest winter I can remember.  I will look at some of the Best Outdoor Mosquito Control Products on the market for the spring of 2019.  For those who don’t have problems with Mosquitoes during the summer months, congrats you are in a minority.  The rest of us fight these and other flying insects from the time the snow melts until The snow falls again.

Most people did not think any thing about this years ago, now that Mosquitoes carry some infectious things and transfer them when they suck your blood, it is a good thing to not be around them if you can help it.  Do you stay indoors all the time, NO.  It is time to look at the ways to protect your self, family and friends while you enjoy your outdoor space.

I will look at several examples in this article and you will have to look at what best works for your outdoor space needs.

Flowtron bug zapper

Electric Bug Zappers


When I was a child, my parents had one of these on the back porch.  The pile of bugs under it showed that it did work.  The big problem most of the time is that people do no put them in the right place.  You need to have a bug zapper about 8 to 10 feet away from the area that you want to keep the bugs from.  The light will attract the flying insects and when they touch the wires on the second layer, they get fried.

The way it works is that it has a black light bulb that attracts flying insects.  The screen is several layers, the outside layer is just to keep small hands from getting to the powered layers below.  When the bugs fly to the inner screens they will cross a layer of screens that have an electrical charge that will fry them.  If they are small enough they will fall to the ground or bottom of the light fixture.

The bigger the light the larger the area that it will attract flying insects and kill them.  Smaller fixtures will have to closer to your sitting area and will attract some flying insects to your place for relaxing.


  • Does work on most flying insects, can even work on big June bugs
  • Puts out a small amount of light
  • Can hang anywhere without a lot of trouble


  • Must be close to an electric outlet
  • Can leave a pile of bugs on the ground
  • Need to clean out when it gets full of bugs

Citromella candle

Scented Candles


Several companies sell Scented Candles to repel flying insects.  Some will have chemicals like citronella to keep the pesky bugs away.  I have several of these that we put out when we sit in mall areas like the front porch or on the deck at the lake.  They work well for most of the time.

You will have to find a place to store them with a lid when not in use, if you leave out they will fill with water and give mosquitoes a place to lay eggs.  This will be a little counter productive and give you more enemies to kill off next time you use your outdoor space.  I keep mine in a shed or garage when not in use.


  • Works well for small areas
  • Small and portable
  • Once lit no work is needed until you put out flame
  • Can get designer containers


  • Will need matches or a source of flame when lighting
  • cannot have anything flammable above the candle
  • Only works well when the wind is light
  • Can remain hot for a while after putting out

Tiki torches Torches


Tiki torches can cover small areas, they come in several sizes.  They will have a metal pod on top of a pole that will have a lid with a wick.  Fill the torch up with liquid fuel, some will have pest control added, put the lid on and light.  They will burn for hours.  I have several when we do outdoor activities that will cover a large area.  You can set up several on the perimeter of your entertaining area and they will protect very well.

There are several sizes of the poles and now you can get them for your table top.  Just don’t put them on a table with an umbrella, it may get too hot.


  • Covers large areas
  • Once lit it you can forget it for several hours
  • Can use on some table tops


  • Must fill with fuel before using
  • Hard to store, must keep fuel pod upright
  • Must not have flammable material too close


Cutter SensationsBody Scents or repellent


This will be for those who move around a great deal.  If you are playing a game of horseshoes or crochet, this method would work better.

Repellent can be applied by spray or lotion.  I look for those that have a high Deet value for the best protection.  This type of protection will also keep most crawling insects at bay.  If you live in an area with a lot of Ticks this would be the way to go.  You must wash off or shower when you come back inside to keep the residue from getting on your furniture or if you want to eat snacks.

I have used a product from Avon before called Skin So Soft.  It does work well to keep mosquitoes away.  It has a great scent and will not scare your guest off with its aroma.  It does soften your skin also.  I would recommend this if your skin does not like the bug repellent.


  • Once applied you can forget it
  • Can protect from crawling insects too
  • Can apply to clothing items also


  • Can leave skin with a greasy feel
  • Must wash hands before eating snacks
  • Can stain cloths or patio furniture



Better Homes & Gardens Hardtop Gazebos for DecksScreen Rooms


Screens have been used for years to keep out flying bugs from homes.  You can still have the outdoor feel with ventilation, but be bug free.  Several ways to move this protection to your outdoor entertaining space are available.

I have a post on a pergola that includes screen sides that zipper close for complete flying insect protection.  Once closed the little pest will have a hard time getting in.  For more information on pergolas with screen protection, look at my post here.

I have a couple of patio portable shades, they make these with screen sides also.  getting a screen room large enough for your patio furniture may take a little work on your part.  Too small and you will not enjoy your space and feel like you are closed in a closet.


  • Will keep out most flying insects without flame or oils
  • Will give you a room feeling in your outdoor space
  • Can use for a plant stand


  • Cannot be moved easily
  • Must close screens before bugs arrive
  • Most will take a lot of assembly time and energy
  • Must have a flat surface

Yellow MarigoldPlants in your garden


Did you know that several plants will repel Mosquitoes or other flying insects.  I will list several below that will help when planted close to your outdoor sitting area and give you some flowers to hang in baskets.

Basil will repel flies and Mosquitoes

Marigolds will keep mosquitoes and aphids at bay.  I use them in my vegetable garden to keep aphids off my tomato plants.

Lavender will smell good and keep mosquitoes, moths or flies out of your space.  The pretty blooms will give off a great scent, just try not to nap as it will make your eye lids relax.

Rosemary will keep mosquitoes away with its strong odor.  If you like the smell around Christmas time, just plant some in a pot that you can bring in for the holidays and you can use it year round.

Mint is both good and bad.  The leaves will give you something you can use in your tea or cooking and it will keep mosquitoes away.  The bad is that if not in a pot, it will spread like a weed in your garden or yard.

Chrysanthemum plants will give you great looking flowers and keep mosquitoes and other bugs away.  Pyrethrins the ingredient in this plant is used in insecticides to kill insects.

Lemon grass produces the oil Citronella.  This oil is used in some of the candles earlier in this article to repel flying insects when burning.  This plant is hard to grow with out a lot of sun and heat.  Growing it in an area that you need for a conversation area could be difficult.

Gazebo screenWhat would I use to control mosquitoes in my outdoor space


I use several of these methods in my outdoor space.  When you are looking for the Best Outdoor Mosquito Control Products, you will have to look at your space first.  Each of these methods will keep flying insects out of your space if used properly.

Do not use sprays to get rid of all bugs, as some a very useful in controlling the pesky ones.  You will also need the bees and flies to help with gardens and flowering plants.  If you have spiders and praying mantis in your garden they will remove some of the pesky flying insects with any help from you, just don’t remove them.

If you have a small area, a candle can work well.  Larger areas could use the torches with the proper fuel.  I like the idea of plants, you do not have anything to prepare and it is good for your outdoor space.  The electric bug zappers work well, they just have to be left on all the time, make noise and have to be cleaned out.

What are your methods for keeping flying bugs out of your outdoor space in warmer weather.  Do your have a favorite or do you use a combination like me.

Leave me a note if you have a question or something to add to this article and I will get back to you shortly.