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Gas Fire Pit Parts Accessories

Having a gas fire pit for your outdoor sitting area is a great start to a great backyard.  How about the Gas Fire Pit Parts Accessories that are needed to keep your fire pit looking like new or just updating an old fire pit, this is the question I will answer in this post.

Many will find that a gas fire pit does not need any additional items to make it the best thing in their outdoor space.  I find that adding one or more of the following items may make the difference between having a so so back yard, to a backyard that the whole neighborhood comes to gather on a cool evening to talk and have a few of their favorite beverages.

Still don’s have that gas fire pit for your patio area?   Look at some of my ideas in this post on gas fire pits.  If you need seating to go with your fire pit, look at some of my ideas on complete matching sets here.

Still like the smell of the wood burning, have an area that you can place a wood burner, follow this link to my ideas on wood burning fire pits for your back yard.

Now lets look at some of the items that can make your gas fire pit more enjoyable.

Summer Nights Fire Pit with seatingFire Tools


With a gas fire pit you will not need the tools for adjusting logs in the fire.  Not poker or tongs needed.  A spark screen will not be need either as your fire will not give out ashes to the air.  So what tools are needed for your gas fire pit?  None, just light and enjoy for the most part.

This article will give you ideas to upgrade the gas fire pit you already have.

I like the look of some of the colors available in glass rocks. Not all gas fire pits can use the glass rocks, check the owners manual before adding to your fire pit.

Updating an old burner will give you a better fire if your fire pit is older.

Lets look at what can make your time around your fire pit a little more enjoyable.

Glass rocks for gas fire pitsGlass rocks


Having the great look of glass rocks in different colors with the flames glowing through them is very pleasing to the eye.  You can change the entire look of your gas fire pit with the change in glass rock color.

Glass rocks will come in bags with about 10 pounds of rocks.  This will be the right amount for most fire pits.  Some of the bigger burners will require two bags, again check with your manual.

Many colors are available today, blue must be the big favorite as it is the most available.  Bronze, Black, Green and Clear are also available.  Choosing the right color for you will depend on what you like and your burner.  Some colors will react differently with different fire pits.

Glass rocks for gas fire pits blackShapes are something you should look at also in glass rocks.  Some rocks are polished and some are left in rough odd shapes. The reflection that you get will depend on the shape of the rock.  Round polished rocks will give a wider glow than a rough one. The rough rocks will give a brighter glow in a smaller beam.  Just something to think about when you make your purchase.

Not all burners are recommended for glass rocks, please check with your owners manual before changing from lava rocks.


Lava Rocks for gas fire pitLava rocks


When I purchased my first gas grill a long time ago, Lava Rocks were included to put on top of the burner.  The purpose of the lava rocks is to spread the heat out and cook like you have charcoal on your grill.  The same thing applies to a gas fire pit with lava rocks, the heat will be felt more than without them.

After a while your lava rocks will start to crumble, getting dust in your burner holes, this will keep your pit from lighting or burning properly.

The fix for this is to replace the lava rocks and clean the burner of any remaining dust.  This is one of the biggest problems for starting your gas grill when using lava rocks.


Burner for gas fire pitBurners and controls


This is an area that will only need replacing if the weather gets to yours before the outside of the fire pit is looking old.  You need to look at your burner at the start of each season to make sure the holes are not rusted and all of the piping is sound.  Any breakage in any of these areas can lead to a disaster, be safe.

Most controls are attached to the burner, again this is an item that needs to be looked at a the start of each season.  Most fires that get out of control are started with a bad control or burner, don’t let this be you.


Igniter Gas Fire Pit Parts AccessoriesIgniter


Most gas fire pits will come with a starter or igniter.  This will allow you to just turn on the gas and push a button to have a fire.  The first time you use your gas fire pit each year you should at least take the battery out and check it.  If there is any corrosion on the ends of the battery, please replace it.

The biggest problem with starting your gas fire pit will be the Igniter most of the time.  Checking the battery and the gap on the fire end are all that are serviceable on this system.  I have replaced the igniter several times on mine and it takes very little time.  Make sure that you get one that is compatible with the mount for your fire pit.

If your igniter is sparking and you still cannot light your fire, check the holes in the burner to make sure that they are not blocked.  Sometimes bugs or small animals will make a nest in your fire pit and block your ability to start a fire.


Protection of your gas fire pit


The biggest thing to protect on your gas fire pit is the burner.  Having a weather protector when not in use is a good idea.  This does lead to other problems like insects and small rodents making a home under the shelter.  Please check before you light your fire pit after removing your cover.


Weather cover for gas fire pitWeather covers


Vinyl covers are recommended to protect the burner and your painted surfaces.  Most gas fire pits are too heavy to move to a shed or other storage areas.  Having the right cover will extend the life of your investment.

Some gas fire pits come with a solid burner cover to convert to a usable table during the time that a fire is not needed.  These will be great to protect your burner, they do nothing to protect the painted surfaces.  A vinyl cover is recommended for extended outside use.


Conclusion on what you can add to your gas fire pit


When looking for Gas Fire Pit Parts Accessories, not much is needed or offered.  Getting a better looking fire with decorative glass rocks will give you a better experience, will not extend the life of your fire pit.  Having a vinyl cover for protection when not in use will extend the life of your fire pit and keep it looking like new.

If you have any ideas on accessories for gas fire pits leave me a note below