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Baner Garden Outdoor Wicker Sectional Furniture


I have looked at a lot of resin wicker patio furniture sets, when you have a lot of room an Outdoor Wicker Sectional Furniture in sets will give you all of the look of an indoor space.  The Baner Garden has a rich look, many styles so that you can match your outdoor space, comes in several shades.  In this article we will look each style and give the details of that style.

Depending on the size of your outdoor space you can have either a small three piece set or several of these sets matched together to make a large room.  You can use this furniture in an outdoor or indoor space.


Details of the Baner Garden collection


The steel powder coated frames will be covered with resin wicker that looks just like the Rattan wicker with out the high cost.  The resin wicker is made from a composite recycled material, this makes it environmental friendly.

Two major styles are available what I call the closed look and the open arched design. The closed look with the wicker all the way to the ground on the seating and tables.  The open arched look will have legs with the wicker only going about half way down and having an arched look.  The tables will have an open bottom with a shelf.

Black, chocolate and brown are the three colors that are available, not all items are available in all colors.  If you are looking for several sets, make sure that all of the styles are available in your color selection.

Cushions for seating is 3 inches thick.  Each style will have different styles of back cushions or pillows, some just have a wicker back with only cushions for the seat.  Cushions will need storage when not in use, see my storage solutions here.

Now lets look at the different sets and pieces and see what style will work best for your outdoor space.




Baner Garden Outdoor Wicker Sectional FurnitureCorner sofa with ottoman seats 4 with arms closed legs

This set is available in black or brown resin wicker, each will have the same color cushions.  The design is more of a square style, if you like the boxy look, this will work for you.

This set will have two sofas with an arm on one end, a corner seat and an ottoman.   It will sit four people on the sofa, the corner piece is hard to use for seating if you have legs, it is best to use when relaxing with your feet up.

The ottoman has a cushion for the top for seating or it can be removed for use as a table to reveal a tempered glass top.  One long side opens for storing items that can be left outside in the weather.

Pillows in picture are not included in purchase.


Baner Garden Chair set with ottomanCorner sofa with ottoman brown seats 4 without arms open legs

You can adjust this set into the most different setups as the seating is individual pieces not sofas.  Four chairs with no arms, a corner seat and an ottoman is what you will receive.

The open leg with a skirt all the way around each piece.  Each of the four chair pieces and one corner piece will have a seating cushion and a back cushions.  With the individual pieces you will be able to move the pieces at will to change your seating requirements.  No provisions are included to lock the pieces together, they will move on you if you do not sit still.

The ottoman will have a tempered glass top that can be covered with the enclosed cushion for resting your feet after a long day.  A shelf will allow some storage under the ottoman.

Pillows in picture are not included.

Baner Garden sofa set with open legsCorner sofa with ottoman black seats 4 with arms open legs

This set will have the same pieces as the other sets.  End pieces of the sofa will have wicker covered arms.  The look will be a little cheaper, just like the price.

It will have straight legs with no wicker aprons on the legs, just a small skirt on the front of the seating and table.

Cushions for seating on the sofa, no cushion for the ottoman.  Pillows will give you some back support.

Ottoman will have a glass top, small skirt and straight legs.  NO shelf or storage with this ottoman.

Click this link for more details on the Baner Garden Sofa sets

4 piece conversation sets


Baner Garden Conversation set full wicker sidesBrown, black and chocolate with glass top table with closed legs

This is a very stylish set with skirting all the way to the ground.  Available in three wicker colors, you will additional choices for your outdoor decor.  The chairs will have an arched top on the arms, cushions for the seats and a glass top for the coffee table.

The seating for four will be with two chairs and an love seat.  Seat backs will be a resin wicker panel, cushions are only available for the seats.

The coffee table will have a tempered glass top with thick wicker sides and a lower shelf for storing things.  No cushion is included for the coffee table.

Baner Garden conversation set with arched wicker skirtsChocolate with arched leg supports with open legs

A little cheaper in price than the above set, this set has a more open bottom panel design.  The arched panels give this set its support.

The seating has cushions for the seat portions only.  The arms will have a straight flat top.

The table will have a tempered glass top with resin wicker sides.  No shelf for storage is available.

If your set is on a softer surface, the legs will sink when you sit on the chairs.

Pillows in picture are not included in this set.

Click on this link for more information on conversation sets

3 piece conversation sets


Baner Garden resin wicker chairs and table setBlack or chocolate with arched wicker legs supports

If you have a smaller area for sitting like a balcony or just an area you want to get away with another person for a romantic getaway, this set will work for you.

With two chairs and a side table, you can add to other sets for additional seating.  The chairs have arched panels on all sides with flat top arms and back.  Cushions are included for the sitting portion, none for the backs.

The side table will have a tempered glass top and lower wicker shelf for storage.


Click on this link for more information on conversation sets

Dining sets


Baner Garden dining setsBlack or chocolate with arched top leg supports

The chocolate color design matches both the 4 seat and 2 seat conversation sets in style and color choices.  If you need more seating for your outdoor space and want to match styles and color, this dining set will work for you.

With six straight back chairs and seat cushions, you will be able to seat a large group.

The table will have a tempered glass top with four straight square legs for support.  No hole for umbrella is available in this table top.

Pillows in picture not included in this set.

Click on this link for more information on these dining sets

Miscellaneous single pieces


Baner Garden Chaise LoungeAdjustable chaise lounge chairs

You can use this lounge for extra seating when laying flat or a lounge, it will hold 350 pounds of weight.  As a lounger you can adjust the back to several positions to match how you want to relax.

The six legs will have a small wicker skirt for support.  The cushion will have a strap to hold in place when you raise the head portion.  Can be used without the cushions.

This piece is just as comfortable by the pool or just as additional seating on your deck or patio.

Baner Garden CanopyPop up canopies, Blue and white heavy duty, blue light duty

Available in two colors in the heavy duty model and in the blue in the light duty model, one of these canopies can give you the needed shade for your outdoor living space.

Both sizes are 10 by 10 foot canopies.  The heavy duty model will have skirts for the legs and heavier powder coated white steel frames.  The lighter weight model will have a smaller frame size and not skirts for the legs.

Can be used for shade in any location that the four legs will sit on the ground.  Height can be adjusted with all four legs for uneven surfaces.

Comes with a handy carrying case to store your canopy when not needed.


My thoughts on this collection


If you are looking for Outdoor Wicker Sectional Furniture that match with the same style, the arched panels for the leg supports model will work well as several styles are available.  Needing just a single set, any of these sets will work if you match your needs.  The resin wicker style of patio furniture will never go out of style and will last a long time with proper care.

My biggest draw back to this collection is that you have to use an offset umbrella, canopy or some kind of other shade device to use when the sun drives you back inside.

If you have a large area for leisure in your outdoor space, one of these large sofa units will work well.  I like the closed leg with the storage under the ottoman best, as it gives more options.  What do you think will work best for you, let me know in the comments below.

If you have any questions about the collection in this article, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.