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Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

These five Backyard Fire Pit Ideas will be small enough to move to any location.  If you have several areas that you like to sit by a Fire Pit, you only have to have one Pit.  Some of the options will give you a better idea of what will work best in your outdoor space.

Make sure you pay attention to some of the details on each of these items as some options come with each Pit and some you will have to purchase separately. All of the options below are wood burners.

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Celtic Knot Backyard Fire PitCeltic Knot Fire Pit


This metal steel fire pit has a copper finish on all of the big parts.  It comes with a spark guard(top screen cover) and poker tool.  You can use the forked poker tool to remove the spark guard when tending your fire.  The stand and bowl are separate parts, you can empty your ashes without carrying the whole fire pit.

The bowl is 30 inches across and 4 inches deep.  The total height is 19 inches.  Total weight is about 10 pounds, it will be easy to move to another location when it is cool.  The poker tool is about 13.5 inches long.

This is a shallow bowl with no drain holes, must be covered (cover is not included) or stored inside during wet weather.

Lattice Side Backyard Fire PitLattice Steel Fire Pit


This steel fire pit has a copper painted finish and will match if you have lattice anywhere in your outdoor space.  It comes with a spark guard, bottom grate and forked poker.  It is very similar to the Celtic Knot type of fire pit, the bowl is removable for emptying ashes..

The bowl is 30 inches across and 5 inches deep in the middle.  The bowl does not have a drain hole, you will have to store inside or get a cover to protect from the elements.  The pit will stand 21.5 inches tall. It is about 25 pounds when assembled.  Some customers stated that the holes on the lattice sides and legs did not align very well when trying to assemble this fire pit.

Hammered Copper Lidded Fire PitSolid Hammered Copper Fire Pit, Lid Converts To Table


If you are looking for something a little different, this will be it. When not using as a fire pit, the top converts this unit to a small table.  The hammered copper top and bowl will give this fire pit a rustic look.  The solid base with small arms holding up the bowl is painted matte black.  Ready for a fire just remove the top and fill with wood and enjoy.

The bowl is 29.5 inches across and 5.5 inches deep.  15 inches tall using as a table, 24 inches tall when domed mesh spark guard (included) sits on top of your fire.  The included 13.5-inch forked poker will help keep your fire going.

This Fire Pit is a great dual-purpose piece for entertaining.

Extra Large Black Metal Backyard Fire PitExtra-Large Black Metal Outdoor Fire Bowl


This simple two-piece design is very heavy. This is very heavy cast iron with a matte black finish.  Some customers state that the finish will burn off.  No spark guard, cover or poker included.

The bowl is almost 31 inches across and 11 high when assembled.  Assembly is just 3 Phillips screws holding the bowl to the stand.  At almost 88 pounds this will not be as portable as some of the other Fire Pits in this article.

Large Outdoor Fire BowlLarge Outdoor Fire Bowl


Looking for a fire pit with a deeper bowl to hold more wood, this one has the deepest bowl.  Bowl and base are made from Galvanized steel to make it weather resistant.  The high domed spark guard mesh is made from steel.

This pit is 26 inches wide and 27.5 inches tall with the spark guard installed.  Two metal rings will assist you when you need to move to another location.

Fire Safety and other Concerns


When using a Fire Pit, several safety items must be followed.  The bottom of the pit gets very hot when you have a fire, if you use on a wood or composite decking material please see my recommendation here.  If you are looking for other accessories for your Fire Pit please see additional information here.

Please use a spark guard as much as possible, it will prevent the spread of your fire.  Be careful of the metal getting hot when you have a fire, especially if you are doing anything with kids or adult beverages involved.  Am I sounding like your mother?

None of these fire pits come with a weather cover, if you store them out in the weather they will not last as long due to moisture.  I have keep mine out of the weather and it has lasted ten years without rust through in the bowl.

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After reading about these five Backyard Fire Pit Ideas, you will have a better idea of what is available.  They have very different features and sizes.  You choose what is your style and purpose.

I have a smaller metal fire pit that is easy to move to many locations.  I can take it to the lake when needed.  This makes it easy to only have one fire pit that serves many areas in my outdoor space.

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