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Wind chime

Metal and Wooden Wind Chime

Outdoor speakers come in many styles. They are made to play without walls to bounce the sound. Outdoor speakers come to look like a rock or hide under the eaves of your house.

Wind Chimes come in many styles and add some soothing sounds to your outdoor area.

Water fountains  add sound and serenity to your outdoor room.

Heat or fire

Heat can come from a outdoor fireplace, propane heater, or fire pit.  Fire pits can be used for cooking as well as heat on the cool days.  Collegiate Fire pits can be used for your tailgate party for your favorite University.

Protection from the heat of the firepit can be found with a DeckProtect system.

Storage of firewood or moving it with a Log Mover is also covered.


Black and white umbrella

Dinning table Umbrella

Umbrella’s come in many shapes and sizes. The can be offset or tilt to keep you in the shade. Some premium umbrella’s come with lighting options.

An awning or pergola is a more expensive selection. The advantage of an awning is that you can retract it if not needed. Pergola’s can be made of wood, resin or metal. Wood and resin pergola’s are more permanent and are anchored in the ground. Metal pergola’s with cloth type covers are more mobile and are not permanently anchored to the ground.

An Arbor will separate areas of your outdoor space.  With the addition of a gate you can block one area from another without putting up a fence.


Deck box’s made of stone, wood or resin can blend in with most decors. You can store cushions or other items that you do not want to leave out in the weather. Storage can be horizontal like a bench with storage under the seat.


Step Solar light

Low voltage light for front of Steps

With solar lights, tiki, propane, candle low voltage, line voltage and battery powered lighting you will find a endless variety of lighting. Table top, recessed, umbrella poles, decking, under eaves, stand alone pole light, candles and tiki style.


Color can be added to any thing now days. Color is the one thing you can have the most fun with. Powder coating of metal or wood pieces is common. Adding some cushions to your seating will change the decor very easily, as many color combinations are available today.

Visit our blogs to see want is available in each area. I will updated often.  Look for reviews on Solar lights.