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Styles of Patio Bistro Sets

Trying to find that right look for your balcony or small patio area, I will give you 7 styles of 3 pc Patio Bistro Sets to look at in this article.  I will look at the features and let you decide on what will work best for you.  Having the most details of all of these sets in one place will give you the choice of options that will work best for you.

Now lets look at all of the styles and at two examples of each one that is available today.  Hope you  can find your style today.

Resin Wicker patio bistro set

This style will have a powder coated metal frame that is covered with a  resin wicker woven material.  The resin wicker is made from recycled material, it is good for our environment.  These two examples will have swivel chairs and tempered glass top tables.

Azalea Ridge Resin Wicker Chat SetAzalea Ridge

$219 – $239 at the time of this article

The two chairs will swivel, not rock.  The cushions will come in burnt orange or green colors.  Two lumbar pillows will be included.  The resin wicker will cover the arms, back and skirts on the sides of the chair.  This set also comes in white resin wicker with blue cushions, see my post here for more details.

The round table is more like a side table, would only be big enough for drinks and maybe a snack.

This set is more of a casual set, not made for outdoor dining.  Cushions are hard to replace because of their shape.  For more information on this collection, see my post here.

Better Homes and Gardens Amelia Cove resin wicker bistro setAmelia Cove

$209 at the time of this article

Very similar in the Azalea Ridge set, it only comes in the green cushion color.  Chairs have a solid side of resin wicker, closing in the bottom of the arms.

The square table is about the same size as the Azalea Ridge, it will offer just a little more space for your snacks, still not big enough for eating a meal.

Cushions are more square, they would be easier to replace when needed.  For more information on this set, see my review here.

Metal patio bistro set


For a simple look, these metal sets may require a cushion for long term sitting comfort.  They will have a bigger table for eating on your patio or balcony.

Mainstays Alexandra Square 3 pc Patio Bistro SetsMainstays Alexander Square

$88 – $129 at the time of this article

Two metal chairs and a glass top table will make up this set. The steel frames will have a powder coated finish to protect them from the outdoor elements.

The chairs will have seating cushions and lumbar pillows.  Backs will have a sling type material for comfort.

Square table is 24 inches across, big enough for a small meal or snacks and drinks.  For more information on this set, see my article here.

Mainstays Jefferson 3 piece bistro setMainstays Jefferson Wrought Iron

$139 at the time of this article

The steel material is powder coated for durability.  The chairs have a steel mesh for seats and back.  Cushions will be needed for long term sitting, I have cushions on my set at the lake.

The round table has a mesh top that is 24 inches across, big enough for a small meal or drinks.  For more information on this set, see my article here.

Cast Metal patio bistro set

Most of the cast  metal 3 pc Patio Bistro Sets will have a great look.  The designs can be very wild.  I will show the Rose and Tulip models here that are very much alike in their design.

Better Homes and Gardens Rose bistro setBetter Homes and Gardens Rose

$119 at the time of this article

Legs of this set will be cast iron, seating and table top are cast aluminum material.  The chairs have a design in the seat that is good to look at, will require cushions to keep the pattern out of your butt.

24 inch round table will have a hole in the middle for an umbrella, don’t get one too big to topple your table over in a small wind.

Rose pattern is very decorative, it will spark a conversation with your guest.  For more information on this set, see my post here.

Tulip patio bistro setBetter Homes and Gardens Tulip

$79 at the time of this article

Made of all cast aluminum parts, this set should never rust.  The chairs will have a tulip design in the back and seating section.  May need cushions for long term sitting.

Table top in the newer model is a metal top with a hole for an umbrella.  The information in my previous article here has a glass top table.  Size is the same as the Rose bistro set.

Tall patio bistro set

If you are looking for a bar height patio bistro set, look at the information on these two sets.  Taller than a regular set, it will give you that feeling that you are at your local pub getting your favorite adult beverage with your favorite person.

Mainstays Sand Dune tall bistro setMainstays Sand Dune

$79 – $84 at the time of this article

Will come in two colors, brown frame with tan sling material or white frame with blue sling material.  This set will be have powder coated steel frames with sling fabric for seating and back material.

27 inch square table top will have a tempered glass insert.  This set will work best with a bar or in an area where it will be hard to see over banister in a regular height set.  For more information on this style, see my article here.

Azalea Ridge brown resin wicker tall bistro setBetter Homes and Gardens Azalea Ridge

$309 at the time of this article

Very popular design and collection, many styles of patio furniture are available in this style.  The chairs will have the same design as the Azalea Ridge set above.

Round table will have a tempered glass top that is 28 inches across and 38 inches tall.  I have more information on this collection in my article here.


Swivel chairs patio bistro set

If you need to be in motion when sitting for a long time, one of these 3 pc Patio Bistro Sets with swivel motion will work.  Sometimes you will need a swivel chair if you have a small space so that you can get in the chair without moving it a great distance.

Lynnhaven Park bistro setLynnhaven Park

$189 at the time of this article

Powder coated steel frames in both the chairs and the table.  The swivel chairs will have cushions for seating and a plastic woven design for the back.  Two lumbar pillows are included.

Square table is 28 inches across, big enough for most small meals and drinks.  Top is a slat design so it will not hold water.  No hole for umbrella.  A chat set of the same collection just has a smaller table if this set is too big.  See my information on this collection here.


Belden Park Patio 3 pc Patio Bistro SetsMainstays Belden Park

$167 at the time of this article

Matte colored powder coated steel frames will help make this set durable in outdoor conditions.  Chairs in this set will have cushions on both seating and back positions.  Cushions are reversible with velcro straps to hold them in place.

Square table is 24 inches across and has a tempered glass top.  For more information on this patio bistro set and others in this collection, see my post here.

Motion patio bistro set

For those who like to move a little while sitting with their favorite adult beverage, these two examples may work for you.  One will have motion with springs and the other is like a true rocker.

Clayton Court Patio table and 2 chairsBetter Homes and Gardens Clayton Court

$149 at the time of this article

Chairs will have cushions (red or green are available) for seating and a mesh steel seat back.  The chairs will have motion due to springs between the base and seat section.

Round 24 inch table will have a mesh top with a small water fall side with a design in it.  This table will be big enough for some small meals and drinks.

For more information on the Clayton Court collection follow this link.

Mainstays Willow Springs patio bistro setMainstays Willow Springs

$169 at the time of this article

Looking for something a little different, this set with two rockers with thick cushions for comfort will work.  Cushions are available in two colors, blue floral or cream floral and will attach with velcro straps.  True rockers on the end of the feet will give you motion.

26 inch round table has a glass top.  All frames are powder coated steel for durability.  For matching dining set in this collection see my information here.

Sling patio bistro set

I have several sets of sling seating in my outdoor space.  I like the material because it will last a long time in the outdoor environment and be comfortable for sitting for a long time without cushions.

Mainstays Wesley Creek Bistro setWesley Creek

$159 – $169 at the time of this article

This set will be very comfortable with the sling seating material and the swivel base.  Sling material will come in two colors, tan and brown, with tan being $10 cheaper.  Pillows in picture are not included in this set.

Powder coated steel frames will make up this set.  Square table is 27 inches across and will have four tile inserts for the top.  No provisions for an umbrella in this set.  There are a lot of matching sets and pieces in this collection, follow this link for more details.

Highland Knolls patio bistro setMainstays Highland Knolls

$209 at the time of this article

This set is also a swivel chair with a spring type connection to allow a small rocking motion.  The seat and back cushions are padded sling material for more comfort in long term sitting.  A matte espresso powder coated finish will cover the steel frames.

Round table is 24 inches across and has a smoked tempered glass top.  Pillows in picture are sold separately. View other items in this collection with this link.

My final thoughts


Bistro Set on a deckI have given you 7 styles of 3 pc Patio Bistro Sets in this article with two types in each style.  I hope that you can use this information to help in your decision when you purchase your bistro set.  Each style will have some features that will match space size and decor.

I really like the sling material for my outdoor bistro set, although I have a metal set with mesh table and chairs at the lake.

Thanks for reading my article, for more of my information on bistro sets, follow this link.  If you still have questions or comments on the information here, please use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.