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 Cool Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas


In this article I will look at seven of the best gas Cool Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas for your outdoor space.   Each person will have different size and shaped space, each will have different outdoor decors.  With this list of gas fire pits you will have a choice of what fits your life the best.

I have written a few reviews on these items, I will include a link for more details on each fire pit.  Gas fire pits will work well on any composite or wooden deck if this is your only outdoor space for entertaining.

Most of these gas fire pits will use a regular 20 pound propane tank, one will use the smaller 1 pound bottle. The big difference is the amount of time you will enjoy your fire.  A 1 pound bottle will last only about 2 hours, you may get about 12-14 hours of high setting on the 20 pound tank.

Now lets look at some of the details of each gas fire pit and see what will work best for you.

Colebrook 37 inch with table top

Price when article was written: $220

View at Walmart



The Better Homes and Gardens Colebrook gas fire pit will work for many looking for a duel purpose fire pit.  Included is a steel cover for the burn area to be used as a table when no fire is needed.

The resin wicker design for the sides will match a lot of your sitting furniture, The Colebrook collection will have matching seating solutions to match this fire pit.  See the conversation set in my article here.

The size is medium at 37 inches across the round top. It will be 26 inches tall it will match most side tables.  Clear glass beads will fill the burn pit, they can be changed out to change the fire color to match your outdoor decor.

A side door will allow access to the 20 pound fuel tank and controls.  This fire pit will be a very good choice for those will a larger space.  Can be moved with two people, will weight 77 pounds without tank.

Will put out about 20,000 BTU’s of heat.  For more information on the Colebrook fire pit, see my post here.


  • Matching seating available in the same style
  • Glass beads color can be changed to add different decor
  • Cover for burn area included


  • No storage cover included
  • Some had trouble with the painted surfaces rusting


Better Homes and Gardens Cool Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

54 Inch fire pit

Rectangular with table top

Price when article was written: $299.99

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If you have a large space, this rectangular fire pit will work well.  The steel top with cover will give you the option to use as a table when no fire is needed.  The resin wicker look of the sides will give you a rich look.

The tank sits on a shelf that rolls out for easy servicing. Controls will sit under the top on one side for easy use.

At 54 inches long this fire pit will need a large outdoor space.  It will put out about 54,000 BTU’s of heat at high setting.

I have more detailed information on this rectangular fire pit  in my article here.




  • Controls on the outside for ease of use
  • Tank hides under cover
  • Tank sits on a roll out shelf


  • Larger size will need a large area


Better Homes and Gardens rectangular fire pit with remote tankRectangular with remote propane tank

Price when article was written: $199.99 not including tank cover

View at Walmart



This fire pit has a wood look for those who have a wooden decor in their outdoor space.  At 42 inches long and the tank has to store outside the unit, this will require a large outdoor space.  The tank storage unit is sold separately for an extra charge.

At 88 pounds without tank it will be hard to move even with two people.  Does have One hand hole in each end for moving.  Steel insert is included to cover burn area when not in use.  Controls are available on the outside for ease of use.

This will be a great fire pit for larger areas, I would recommend a place to hide the tank from view as it does not store in the cabinet.


  • Wood look
  • Top included for burn area
  • Hand holes in ends for moving


  • Tank cover is not included, did not find it available
  • Not as tall as other fire pits


Newcastle gas fire pitNewcastle stone with bowl top

Price when article was written: $231.99

View at Walmart



Have a smaller area that you would like a fire pit in.  The size and stone look of this fire pit is a very good solution.  With the 20 pound propane tank behind one of the sides that is removable, you will get about 12 to 20 hours of burn for your outdoor entertainment.  With 26,000 to 40,000 BTU’s of heat, this fire pit will give you plenty of heat for your patio area.

The lightweight stone look is created by the casting of the Evirostone.  It looks like stacked stone, it can be moved with ease with the carry holes on each side, only weighs 65 pounds without tank.  The large fire bowl, 20.5 inches wide, with the lava rocks will give you great looks.  At 29 inches tall, it will be the same height as most bistro tables.

A poly cover is included for storage when needed.  This gas fire pit is ideal for small spaces and it uses the 20 pound propane tank that may be hard to handle in small spaces.



  • Great stone look with out the weight
  • Easy to move with handles on each side
  • Has poly cover for storage


  • 20 pound tank may be hard to move in small spaces
  • Lava rock not as appealing as glass rocks


Uniflame tile top gas fire pitUniFlame Gas Tile Top Fire Pit

Price when article was written: $275.10

View at Walmart


For those with medium to large spaces this tile table top unit will work well.  The 31.5 inch wide top is one unit, so the tiles cannot be replaced one at a time.  At 24.5 inches tall, it will work great for sitting your drinks on the edge.

Standard 20 pound propane tank will sit behind a door out of view.  It will give about 14 hours of heat on high setting.  This will give about 30,000 BTU’s of heat.

Metal base is powder coated for a durable finish.  Black glass rocks will fill the fire bowl.  At under 60 pounds with out the propane tank, this unit will be easy to move when needed.

No cover for burn area included, a vinyl cover is included for the whole unit when not in use.  You would have to fabricate a cover for the burn bowl to use as a table.

For those with medium to large areas this unit would be a great choice.  Easy to move and has great looks.


  • Tank hides behind door
  • Poly cover for unit when not in use
  • Easy to move, only 58 pounds without tank


  • Tiles cannot be replaced if broken
  • No cover for burn bowl when not in use

Endless Summer slate fire pitEndless Summer slate fire pit

Price when article was written: $119.94

View at Walmart



Have a small space or just a balcony for outdoor entertainment, this smaller slate gas fire pit is a great choice.  At only 12 inches across it will take up very little floor space and can even sit on a table if you don’t mind the fire being so high, it is 28 inches tall.

The black glass fire rocks will match the dark slate finish.  Uses the 1 pound propane tank, just screw in from the bottom of the unit.  Need to have someone hold it upright when changing tank so that the glass rocks do not fall out.

With only 10,000 BTU’s of heat, this fire pit will not warm you and your friend up much, just give you the ambience of the fire.  This is a great choice for balconies or small decks where other fire pits will be too large.

Propane tank 1 poundPros:

  • Great size for small outdoor spaces
  • Black glass rocks match slate finish


  • Propane tank only last about 1 to 2 hours
  • Tank changes through the bottom of the unit


Uniflame Hex gas fire pitHex LP Gas Fire Pit Bowl with Decorative Ceramic Tile Mantel

Price when article was written: $625.52

View at Walmart



If you have a large area to place your fire pit, this model will work well.  At 55 inches point to point on the top and 48 inches on the flat to flat on the top, this is a large top surface that you can place your drink on the edge of and not melt the ice cubes.  Being so far from the burning fire, you will not receive as much heat from the flames as other fire pits.

At 24 inches tall this fire pit will work well as a table, no cover for the burn area when not in use.  Would have to make a cover for the 24 inch round fire bowl to use as a table when no fire is needed.

White glass rocks are included for the fire bowl. This unit will put out about 30,000 BTU’s of heat on high setting.  A standard 20 pound propane tank will sit in a bowl on a sliding shelf behind a door.  This makes changing the tank much easier.

With a weight of 150 pounds you will not move this fire pit very often.  The ceramic tile inlay will be very decorative, very difficult to match and replace if a tile gets broken.  Assembly is easy, you will need a Phillips screwdriver to complete.  For those with a large outdoor area, this fire pit will be the best.  A vinyl cover is included for protection from the outdoor elements when not in use.

With the tile top and ease of changing the tank, it will give many years of enjoyment.


  • Large enough to put drinks on edge without cooking it
  • Tank stores behind door on a slide out shelf
  • Great looks with the tile top


  • Large and heavy, not easy to move
  • No cover for fire bowl
  • Tile would be hard to fix if broken


My final thoughts on these gas fire pit ideas

From small to large outdoor areas, one of these Cool Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas should work for you.  If you think you would prefer to have a wood burning fire pit, follow this link for some of my ideas.  I personally would like to have the stone look of the Newcastle model.  What do you think would work for your space.

Leave me your thoughts on your outdoor space size and the gas fire pit that would work best for this space.  I will get back to any questions or comments very shortly.