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Best Backyard Fire Pits

There are so many styles of the Best Backyard Fire Pits to use when you want to burn wood.  The style you choose will depend on your needs and what makes you feel good.  I like a simple round fire pit that I can move easily and can put away in the shed when it will not be needed for a while.  You may want a bigger or more permanent fire pit for your outdoor fire.

I will cover the facts and good and bad things about each style and let you make the best-educated choice.  If you have all the information, you can make a better choice.  Now let us look at the details and see what works best for you.

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Pure Garden Crossweave Best Backyard Fire PitsRound


This is the most popular style of the woodburning fire pits. You will find more styles of the round fire pit than any other.  it is easy to sit chairs around and easily becomes a focal point of your gathering.

Most will come with a spark screen to cover the burn bowl and a tool to lift that cover and turn the burning logs.  Log size will have to be smaller in most cases as they are sometimes not over 15 inches wide in the burn bowl.

I have one of these round fire pits that I use around my outdoor space.  It is easy to move and I can have a fire anywhere that the ground will handle the heat.



  • Easy to put chairs all around
  • Lightweight easy to move


  • Most will have a simple look
  • Bottom of burn bowl can rust out if not taken care of


Hiland Best Backyard Fire PitsSquare


The square design will be a step up from the round in looks.  With the best look of only four chairs around this fire pit, many chat sets will have a square fire pit to fit the four chairs.

Most will come with spark screen and poker for keeping the fire under control.   The top of the square fire pit will have a table that will allow you to place things, like a drink or snack, on it when no fire is going.

Side designs can be of any style to match the decor of your seating furniture or home.



  • Clean straight lines
  • Designer sides to match other decors


  • Only four chairs fit well
  • Larger and heavier than round design



Axxonn Best Backyard Fire PitsRectangle

The rectangle design will have the biggest footprint and is best used in bigger areas.  You can place up to six chairs around this type of fire pit.

Designs of the sides can be matched to chairs or other outdoor decors.  The weight may be larger than any other style of a fire pit, it could be harder to move or store than any other style.



  • Six chairs fit well around this fire pit
  • Bigger burn bowl for larger logs


  • Bigger floor footprint
  • Larger logs can be used


Folding Best Backyard Fire PitsPortable


Want a wood-burning fire pit that is really easy to move from one location to another.  The folding legs of this fire pit will let it fit in the smallest trunk or back seat after it is cooled and cleaned out.

For tailgating or camping, this is the best choice if you want portability in a fire pit.  Lightweight will be another advantage of this fire pit, empty it will be easy to carry for even the smallest person.

If you live in a small apartment or house with no yard, this would be a great solution to take with you when you go camping or just a day trip to a park.  Just a few minutes of setup anywhere, you are ready to enjoy a great wood burning fire pit.



  • Can take anywhere
  • Great for tailgating
  • Legs fold for easy storage


  • Smaller burn area
  • If left outside in weather it will not last long



Sun Joe Cast Best Backyard Fire PitsStone


The look of stone in outdoor spaces gives a rich look that can match most retaining walls or brick on a house.  Most will have a metal insert for your fire, it is much like a regular fire pit inserted into a stone facade.

This example shone is a cast material that is painted, it is much lighter than a regular stone fire pit.  For more information on this SunCast fire pit, see my post here.

This type of fire pit will be harder to move from one location to another, it will weigh a lot more than a regular fire pit.



  • Great look of stone
  • Can match brick or stone siding


  • Too heavy to move
  • The surface can be damaged and hard to repair

Peaktop concrete Best Backyard Fire PitsConcrete


The heaviest fire pit in this article.  This concrete fire pit has really clean lines.  If you want a real contemporary design, this is your choice.

Smaller than most in this article, this is a great choice for smaller outdoor spaces.  For more information on this fire pit, see my article here.



  • Clean lines of concrete
  • Hand holes for easy moving when cool


  • Heavy hard to move
  • Smaller burn bowl


Sunnydaze Rustic Best Backyard Fire PitsChiminea


Need a big fire pit with a small footprint, the chiminea style will make a great choice.  There are many styles of chimineas to match most decors, see some other chiminea designs in my article here.

Most chimineas will have a door on one side to add wood or stir the fire.  The tall chiminea chimney will send the smoke away from your guest.

The small footprint will allow you to place in smaller outdoor areas.  Chimineas will be available in two different materials metal or cast in clay material with very intricate designs.

You will find many different designs and styles of chimineas in the market today.



  • Takes up less floor space
  • Smoke is above the face of your guest


  • Hard to cook on this type of fire pit
  • Hard to choose from the many styles


Use this link for more of my information on wood burning fire pits for your back yard space


Coral Coast Cypress fire pit flameMy final thoughts on woodburning fire pits


To find the Best Backyard Firepits for your outdoor space, you must know what will look good and the type of fire you are looking to build.  I have several fire pits for my outdoor spaces, the smaller metal round fire pit is my favorite, because of its lightweight and easy to move and store when not in use.

Your right fire pit will be your choice.  Many different things will go into the choice of the fire pit that will fit your needs best.  I cannot tell you what will work best for you, I can only give you the facts of what is available today.

Let me know what you found out works for you with the forms below.  If you still need more help or have a question use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.

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