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Hanging Chair with Stand


When looking for additional seating for your outdoor space, look at one of the Hanging Chair with Stand for Outdoor Use in this article for a solution.  With a  base and “C” shaped frame to hang the chair from, you can use these chairs in any space that you could use some comfortable seating indoors or out.

I will look at six styles of hanging chairs in this article and see what style best fits your needs.  Each chair design will have a great set of individual features that make it unique, I have even included on that will hold two people.

Now let us look at the details of these chairs and see what works best for you and your family.  Any of these chairs can be used indoors or outdoors.

Hanging Chair with Stand-Better Homes and Gardens egg chair with standBetter Homes & Gardens Wicker Hanging Egg Chair with Stand

Price when the article was written: $245


This hanging chair will have a two-legged frame and braces for support.  The basket made of resin wicker material that can be purchased in black or an off white finish.  A tufted cushion will offer extra support.

The frame will have a black powder-coated finish for outdoor durability.  A spring with two carabiners will support the chair from the top of the frame, this will give some extra comfort while sitting in your chair.

The base will be 39 inches wide, 41 inches deep and 73 inches tall.  Basket is 30 inches wide, 27 inches deep and 42 inches tall.  Some assembly of the base is needed.

Cushions will have Olefin fabric material for covers, one of the best for outdoor furniture.  they will still need a storage solution for the cushion when not in use.


  • Two-color choices for the basket
  • Resin Wicker basket will last well in outdoor conditions
  • Olefin fabric is one of the best for outdoor cushions


  • Cushion will need storage solution when not in use
  • The frame will not provide as much lateral support as round or four-legged models



Hanging Chair with Stand-Flowerhouse Hanging Egg Chair for the gardenFlowerhouse Hanging Egg Chair

Price when this article was written: $169.98


This simple four-legged frame will hold a steel-framed basket for sitting.  Basket hangs from the frame with a fabric strap.

The frame is made from steel with a black powder-coated surface for outdoor durability.

The basket has a steel frame with a fabric cover.  A tufted cushion will offer extra comfort.  At this time the fabric is available in two colors Red or beige.

The frame legs are 43 inches across and it will be 66 inches tall.  Basket is 34 inches across and 48 inches tall.   Minor assembly of frames will be needed.


  • Cheap price
  • Two colors to choose from


  • Removable cushion for extra comfort
  • No spring on hanging hardware

Hanging Chair with Stand-Sports Ball hanging chairSports Ball Hanging Chair

Price when the article was written: $321.25


For those sports fans this hanging chair is for you.  With four different sport ball designs for the chair, you can match your favorite sport with your outdoor furniture designs.

A steel powder coated frame will support your chair with a metal frame and fabric coating.  With four legs for support, this chair will be very stable.  The chair will hang from a chain with a cloth strap.

The chair will be available in four sports categories, Football, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer ball.  Each back will have a full ball design for showing off your favorite sport.  The fabric is a polyester material with a built-in drink holder, what else do you need.

Frame base is 43 inches across and 66 inches tall.  Basket is 35 inches across and 50 inches tall.  This swing is rated for 400 pounds of weight.

You can set this in your living room to watch your favorite game or sit by the pool relaxing with your favorite adult beverage.  What about tailgating, would you take this chair to your favorite tailgating party.


  • Drink holder built into the chair
  • Four legs for stability
  • Four different sport ball designs


  • Will have to take the whole chair down for storage
  • No spring on the frame for extra comfort

Hanging Chair with Stand-Vienna hanging basket chairVienna Outdoor Wicker Basket Chair

Price when the article was written: $245


This chair will come with a powder-coated steel frame and resin wicker basket material.  The round base will give great stability on your flat surface.

A chain and spring combination will support your chair from the frame, this will give some extra comfort.  The chair is made from a brown resin wicker material that is handwoven.

Two tan cushions are made from a polyester material that will give extra comfort for seating.  I would have a storage solution for these cushions to make them last several seasons outdoors.

The base is 37.5 inches across and 77.75 inches tall.  The chair is 37 inches wide, 23.25 inches deep and 50.5 inches tall.50.50 inches high.  Some assembly of the base will be needed.


  • Wider base for stability
  • Resin Wicker chair
  • Spring on hanging chain


  • Cushions will need storage when not in use



Hanging Chair with Stand-Modway Encounter swingModway Encounter Swing Fabric Lounge Chair

Price when the article was written: $591

With an aluminum frame and round base for stability with a white finish.  The seating basket will hang from the top of the frame with a small spring chain, this will give some extra comfort for the chair.

Basket is made from a white resin material much like the resin wicker used in other outdoor furniture.  This material is made from recycled materials, it will be good for the environment and last very well in most outdoor conditions.

Seating cushion is made with a piece of water-resistant fabric in a bright green color.  Care of your cushion will take putting them in the washer and hanging out to dry.

The base of the stand is 2 feet across and 77 inches tall.  The chair will be about 32 inches across and 52 inches tall with an oval opening for you to get in.

Some assembly will be required for the base, the chair will come assembled.


  • Aluminum frame for not rust
  • Can wash cushion in regular laundry
  • Chair made from resin wicker material


  • The cushion should be stored when not in use


Hanging Chair with Stand-Double seat hanging chairDouble Seat Wicker Hanging Chair

Price when the article was written: $960.57

If you have a bigger space or just like the idea of having seating for two in your swing, this double seat swing will work for you.  It is a lot bigger than the other swings in this article, it will provide more fun with two butts sharing the same space.

The round base of the frame will have two arms going to the top to support your seat.  The steel frame is painted a black powder coat for outdoor durability.

Basket is made from a resin wicker material and hangs from the two poles with a chain spring combination.  The oval opening will allow you to sit two people comfortably.  The Chair is rated for 528 pounds of weight.

Cushions are made from a material that is outdoor rated.  The soft cotton material will be used for stuffing.  I would have a storage solution for the cushion when not needed.

The very little assembly will be needed for the base.  Just place each side lower and upper poles into the base.  Then attach with the included hardware and tools.


  • Seating for two
  • Easy assembly
  • Thick comfortable seating


  • Will take a larger space
  • Much larger price than others in this article
  • Extra $50 for shipping



Click the following link for more information about these hanging chairs

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My final thoughts on these hanging chairs


Choosing the right Hanging Chair with Stand for Outdoor Use will not be easy, you will have to look at these styles of frames and the variety of fabrics that are used for comfort to find what works for you.  I would like the sports ball in the football design for tailgating or just sitting in front of the big screen on game night.  The dual seat option would be great for the grandkids one at a time.

Do you have a hanging chair or have a question for me about one of these examples, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.