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Decorative String Lighting for Patios


When looking for a way to illuminate your outdoor area, look at Decorative String Lighting for Patios for a solution.  I will give you six different styles of string lights to look at and see if one will work for you.

Each set of string lights will have different lengths and number of bulbs.  One will have a remote to turn on and dim your lights, this will give you the ability to change the amount of light you have without getting out of your chair.

Now lets look at the details of each set and see what works best for you.



Clear Globe String LightsBetter Homes & Gardens Clear Globe String Lights


Price when article was written: $12.24


This is the lowest priced set in this article.  With only 20 foot of cord with 20 bulbs.  There is only 12 inches between each fixture.  On the top side of each fixture is a clip to hang your string lights to a cloth or some kind of structure that you can hook into.

Some of the umbrellas available today have clips for these kinds of string lights to be mounted. I have an article on string lights on umbrellas without these clips here.   Do not hook more than 3 sets together, as inline fuse may blow.

Some customers stated that bulbs are very fragile, when trying to hang the string lights they broke several.  Finding replace bulbs can be tricky, it was recommended to look at Clear G40 Globe Christmas Replacement Light Bulbs 7 Watts.

This set of string lights will work best for those on a budget and do not need to light a large area.


  • Cheap price
  • No extra equipment needed to hang this set


  • Only 20 feet long
  • Finding replacement bulbs can be tricky
  • Only 3 stings can be put together


Price when article was written: $63.23 with free shipping


This set of string lights will have 15 LED bulbs on a 48 foot length cord.  Each bulb will be about 3.1 feet apart, one spare bulb will be included in this set.  18 GA wire will allow the use of up to 55 strands of lights, I would check my outlet to see if can handle this amount of current flow.

Round loops on the top of each bulb outlet will allow you to secure your lights to a solid structure.  A little wire or zip ties will let you mount your lights to any structure.

This set of string lights are great for parties or weddings.



  • LED bulbs included
  • 18 GA wire will allow 55 sets to be on one line
  • Hanging loop on each socket


  • No on-off switch

Torchstar patio string lightsTORCHSTAR 50ft String Lights, Patio String Lights

Price when article was written: Starting at $49.99 for a single set

This set will be for those with larger areas, you can put up to 18 sets of 15 bulbs on one plugin, this will be up to 270 bulbs.  If you have a large area to light this set will work best.  With each set having 15 bulbs with 9 spare bulbs, you will never need to buy a replacement bulb.  The bulbs will have the shape of an Edison bulb, not as long though.

This set will have a few options, the bulbs can be purchased in regular incandescent or LED bulbs.  You also can order several sets, the more the bigger discount per set.  The sets will connect with a weather proof plugin that will secure your string lights together to form one line.

Wire is a 14 GA and is rated for wet locations for safety.  Total length of cord is 50 foot.  A dimmer (not included in this set) added to the wall outlet where this set plugs in can control the amount of light you get from your lights.

This set will work best for those needing a lot of lights for a big area.


  • End to end plug in for up to 18 sets
  • 9 replacement bulbs included in each set
  • Can order incandescent or LED light bulbs


  • 50 foot power line and only 15 outlets
  • Better for large areas with spread out lighting


Use the following link for current shipping and pricing for your lighting needs

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Better Homes and Gardens Edison string lights installed on umbrellaWhat are my final thoughts on these patio lights



When I went looking to light my outdoor area after dark, I looked at several Decorative String Lighting For Patios for my solution.  I purchased the Edison bulb set of 10 bulbs for my umbrella.  I did not have a large area at the time to light after dark.  Now I have some property at the lake with a camper on it, I am looking to light this area with some string lights.

My choice at this time would be Newhouse Lighting LED String Lights with Remote Control set.  At only $63.20 with free shipping, one set could be a solution for my night time lighting needs.

If you have any questions or comments on my information in this post, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.