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Landscape Low Voltage Light Fixtures


I looked at my lights by the driveway this spring, O My what a mess.  The winter snow and kids playing ball nearby has taken its toll on my front landscape light fixtures.  I went looking for some new Landscape Low Voltage Light Fixtures to add to my existing line and transformer.  I only wanted the fixtures to add to my outdoor lighting needs.  I have a good transformer, line and a motion switch that turns the lights on when motion is detected on the driveway, this helps guest find the front door after dark.

I will look at several single fixtures and some sets of fixtures, I will need several to fill in my space.  Make sure you know your needs for lighting before your journey and know what will fit on your wire run.  I have several articles on transformer size, wire size and connectors for your low voltage lighting installation needs, see my list of post here.

Now lets look at some of the details of each of these low voltage lighting fixtures and see if one of these fixtures or set of fixtures will solve you outdoor pathway low voltage lighting needs.



LEONLITE LED Landscape Light cone topLEONLITE LED Landscape Light Pack of 4


Price when article was written: $74.45 with free shipping

This will be a set of four fixtures.  If you like the modern look of a cone light with a lot of down light, this fixture may work well for you.  With an aluminum frame and frosted lens this light will give 150 lumens of light.  The draw for each fixture is a low 3 watts for your power line.  Each fixture will have 3000K of brightness.

The top cone will be 7.5 inches across and the post is 11 inches tall.  The ground stake is 6 inches long.  The power cord is 59 inches long, great for putting your lights up to 4.5 feet away from your power line source.


LEONLITE 4 Pack landscape lightsLEONLITE 4 pack pathway lights


Price when article was written: $55.99 with free shipping

If you want a smaller looking this set of four fixtures will look great in your yard.  Each fixture will put out 150 lumens of light and draw 3 watts.  The light will be a bright 4000K.  Each fixture will have an aluminum frame and plastic frosted lens.

The top of the fixture is only 3 inches across, this is smaller than most.  The post is 10 inches high with a 6 inch ground stake.  The connecting power cord is 59 inches long, this will allow you to install this fixture up to 4 feet away from your current wire run.

This style of fixture can be ordered in several number of fixtures per purchase.  The 4 here and a choice of 8, 16, 32 or 64 of the same fixtures for larger areas. If you have a long or large space that you are looking to find a lighting solution for, this collection of lights may be your solution.

Maximus Low-Voltage fixture

Maximus Low-Voltage LED Black Pathway Light


Price when article was written: $17.09

Each of these black fixtures will have 100 lumens of light with a power need of 1 watt.  The light will have 3000k of brightness. The top of the fixture is 5 inches tall and 4 inches across.  The height of the fixture will depend on how far you push the pointed post into the ground.

The lens is made form glass and the rest will be made of metal.  Adding several of these traditional looking fixtures to your wire run will not draw a lot of power from your transformer.


Paradise low voltage fixtureParadise Cast Aluminum LED Path Light


Price when article was written: $42.30 with free shipping


This fixture will separate your outdoor space from the others in your neighborhood with the modern style.  The fame will be black cast aluminum with a frosted plastic lens.  The curved top of the fixture will allow you to point your light in the direction you need a lighting solution.

The fixture will be taller at 19 inches with the rectangular shaft 5 inches wide and 3 inches deep.  It will have a 5 inch ground stake and 12 inches of lead wire to connect to your wire run.

Each fixture will draw 3 watts of power and have  a brightness of 50 lumens of light.  This fixture will work well for those who like a taller light that points the light only one direction, like towards a walking path.


LEONLITE spot light set of 4LEONLITE Spotlight Light set of 4


Price when article was written: $49.21

Looking to highlight several features in your outdoor space, this set of 4 spot lights will give you a lot of options to light up a wall or that special feature.  This is a more directional fixture that will illuminate a smaller space at a much brighter light.  At 320 lumens it is the brightest light in this article.  Each fixture will draw a higher 8 watts of power, make sure that your transformer can handle the number of fixtures.

The fixture will be 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide.  With the lower mounting position, you will have to make sure plants do not grow and block your light.  The fixture will have an aluminum frame for outdoor durability.

This fixture is great for highlighting special fixtures, it can be used with any of the other fixtures in this article if you have different needs in your outdoor lighting.

To solve your pathway lighting needs, use the following link for more information

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Leonlite slim landscape lightsWhat fixtures did I choose for my lighting needs


My lighting needs were put in the out this spring when I looked at my fixtures while sitting on the front porch.  So I need a few new Landscape Low Voltage Light Fixtures.  I am going to order the set of four the slim design Leonlite lights.  The amount of light and the multi directional coverage will work well by my driveway where my guest come to my front door after dark.  I will install them and write an article in the future to let you know how I like them.

Your outdoor lighting needs may be different than mine, I hope that I have given you enough information to make a knowledgeable decision.

Any questions or comments, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.