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Outdoor Firewood Log Racks


As we get closer to the fall weather, I would like to go over some of my Outdoor Firewood Log Racks.  I have similar products to each of these in my home.  I have a wood burning fire place in my house and a fire pit both at home and at the lake.  Having dry firewood is very important when you are burning wood for heat or just for the ambiance.

I store some of my fire wood in the garage out of the weather and some outside on my deck.  I have two of the 4 foot racks that I take apart and store during the summer months.  A log caddy that helps me get the wood up the four steps in the garage and a smaller rack with carrier for inside by the fireplace.  Each of these has a purpose to help me keep the home fires burning in the winter.

Now lets look at the details of each item and see if you need all of these like I do.

 Landmann 4 foot Outdoor Firewood Log Racks

Landmann 4′ Firewood Rack


Under $40

I like this type of rack because you can take it apart and store it during the warmer months.  It takes just two screws with nuts for each leg and it will go together in less than five minutes.  The rack is very light weight at only 17 pounds empty.

The rack is 47.5 inches long, 13.5 inches wide and 49 inches from the floor to the top of the bar. The tubes are 1.25 inches wide.  I use zip ties to keep the parts together when I store them.

It will keep your wood off the ground and can hold about a half a pickup of wood.  I have two, so when I get a use my pickup to get wood, I put both together.  I place one inside and one outside.

The biggest drawback I see with this rack is that I have to put a tarp on the outside rack to keep the wood dry when it rains or snows.  If you don’t mind spending a little more money the next rack comes with its own cover.


Log Rack with coverFirewood Rack-in-a-Box Heavy Duty Rack with Cover, 4′


Under $50

This rack is very similar to the one above.  The tubes are a little bigger (1 1/2 inch compared to 1 1/4 inch) and it comes with it own polyester cover that can be adjusted for the amount of wood in the rack.

The cover will be good enough to be used for logs of 24 inch length if stacked really straight. It will only cover the top of the wood when the rack is full, this will still keep enough wood dry for a whole days fire.

This rack is 49.75 inches long, 15.5 inches wide and 46.5 inches tall.  It will hold just a few more logs than the other one above.  It can be taken apart for storage when not needed.

For the extra price you get a weather cover and thicker tubing for a longer lasting rack.  I have the cheaper one and it works well for me, except I have to get a tarp when the weather turns bad.


Landmann log rack caddyLandmann Log Rack Caddy w/ cover

Under $55

I have a similar caddy that I have used for years.  I have steps in my garage and I can haul a lot of wood up the stairs and to the fire place at one time with this tool.  To see more information on my caddy, see my post here.

If you have any distance between your firewood rack to your fire pit or fireplace, this caddy will be a great tool.  It has saved me from making several trips for a days worth of firewood.

The caddy has two tires that are very similar to two wheeler tires.  They do need to have the proper air pressure for the best performance.  I have found that if one wheel has low pressure it makes for a lot more work.  It is kind of like trying to push a wheel barrel with a load of dirt with a flat tire, not much fun.

The caddy is 21.5 inches to the outside of the tires, 18 inches deep front to back and 41.75 inches tall to the top of the handle.  The length of the wood does not matter as the frame will keep it off of the tires, it just has to fit through the door ways on your path.

I leave my assembled in the shed, it takes up little room when not needed.  Going up stairs is very easy, even with a full load of wood.  It comes with a canvas cover if you wish to store wood on this rack in the weather next to your fire pit.


Rack brackets for 2 X 4 LumberLumber Rack Firewood Bracket Kit


Under $15 for rack plus the price of the wood 2 X 4’s


If you like the idea of an adjustable length rack, these brackets could be what you are looking for.  Two end brackets attach to 2 X 4 (not included in this kit) wood that you cut to length.  You can adjust the length and height of this rack for the size of the space or the amount of the wood that you have to store.

The brackets are molded from polymer ABS plastic and are very durable.  Buying three eight foot 2 X 4’s (about $3-$4 each at your local wood store) , then cutting each in half will get you a four foot long and four foot high rack for your wood storage.  When not needed you can easily store the brackets and wood.  No tools will be needed to put together the next season.


Under $30

I have a similar rack with carrier, I keep it by where I have a fire.  When the wood gets low, I just empty the canvas holder of its small wood pieces into the fire and go out and get a few more logs.

The handles on the carrier fit nicely into the top of each side of the rack.  The rack can be disassembled during the months when its not needed.

The rack is 19 inches deep, 16 inches wide and 21 inches tall.

For your fire wood storage solutions, click on the link below

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What do I use for my firewood storage

Unassembled Firewood Log Racks

Most people will look for Outdoor Firewood Log Racks when it comes to the fall of the year.  I like to start when it is still warm outside.  I have used and still have an example of most of the racks and carts in this article.

Mine are a little older, they still work after many years of use.  I do take mine apart for storage each spring or when the wood rack is empty.  They do not take up much space when folded up.

The main thing is to get your firewood off the ground and keep it dry when you need to burn it.  Moving the firewood from the storage area to the burn area will not be a big chore if you have a caddy or a canvas carry bag.  I have both, the canvas bag for small loads and the caddy for the major refills when we are going to burn for a whole day or weekend.

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